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Is your Big SUV Really Safe?

If you are driving a big behemoth SUV thinking you are safer, maybe you should think about another vehicle. Here are some results. Logan Carter at Jalopnik gives us the break down. It is picked up in Quartz Business News. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) just released new crash test results for three full-size, three-row SUVs. The Ford […]

The recessionary Household Jobs Survey is not confirmed by other comprehensive hard data

 – by New Deal democrat As per usual, the Monday after jobs report Friday does not update any significant data. So let me return to the deep divergence between the Household and Establishment Surveys in the jobs report. With Friday’s data for May, the two have now diverged 1.9% over the past year, adjusted for […]

Another Argument Favoring an Electric Vehicle Over a Gasoline Vehicle

It is difficult to argue against an electric vehicle when the efficiency is far greater. The only argument one could make presently is the sunk cost of your scrapping out your gasoline powered vehicle. There is no gain there and also no penalty if you keep it. The penalty of keeping it will come eventually. […]

What to watch on jobs day – revenge of the managers

AB: I tend to believe the Pandemic caused more economic upheaval than Wall Street blowing up the economy and Main Street paying for WS’s pennies on the dollar gambling with CDS, naked CDS, etc. in the derivatives market. More was made available in 2020 onward by the government to lessen the impact of the Pandemic. […]

Energy Required (measured in equivalent of Gal of gas) Needed to manufacture a new car

I have been looking around to see if I can find some commentaries addressing whether it make sense to swap out an efficient gasoline powered vehicle for an EV. There are not many of commentaries out on the internet. This is one of several I found and it speaks in terms of energy provided by […]

New Deal democrats Weekly Indicators for June 3 – 7 2024

 – by New Deal democrat My “Weekly Indicators” post is up at Seeking Alpha.  The stock market was conflicted by yesterday’s jobs report, but the bond market’s verdict was unequivocal: ignore the unemployment rate; it was a strong report which will stay the Fed’s hand from raising rates.  Meanwhile, coincident economic data in particular continues to […]

In-Box Topics Over the Last Few Weeks

In-Box Topics as discovered in my In-Box and accumulate every week. I can’t post them all even though I read or scan them. Maybe you will enjoy them? Healthcare Politics Engaging Antiracist And Decolonial Praxis To Advance Equity In Oregon Public Health Surveillance Practices, Health Affairs, This has consequences for how communities of color are […]

Cooling? Or Red-Hot? Psst Labor Market

I am not going to put Preston Mui’s entire Labor Market Recap May 2024: Still Cool report from Employ America up on Angry Bear. Most of all, I wanted his summation of what he was seeing. He gives up his reasoning as to why the two surveys differ. It is an easy read if you […]

We have a serious problem: the two job surveys show two completely opposed economies

If you have been reading New Deal democrat’s over the weeks, you would already know the economy we have today is not for sure. The FED is holding the keys to a transition to a good economy favoring people or one that will punish people through no fault of their own. Houston, we have a […]