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Arizona’s Worst and Best of Times

“Arizona: It Was the Best of Times, It Was the Worst of Times“, Substack, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar I ran across this substack a few weeks ago. The majestic and excellent basketball player I had watched play a wicked game of ball, can also write good articles. Since I now live in Arizona where the politics differ […]

Two basic problems of a declining population in a Country

From the NYT opinion pages comes Paul Krugman’s description of the two basic problems of a declining population in a country, Dr. Krugman ues China as an example. China’s population declined last year, for the first time since the mass deaths associated with Mao Zedong’s disastrous Great Leap Forward in the 1960s. Or maybe it […]

Fredrick Douglass (1867) on race and integration in the US

by David Zetland (originally published at The one handed economist) I had heard of Douglass, but man oh man, I had no idea of his brilliance. His “Composite Nation” speech is full of wisdom and hope, offering a path to that “shining city on a hill” that Americans have had such a hard time reaching — mostly […]

Our success or failure in life may be influenced by where we’re born

Economist David Zetland lets us know our place of birth has a much larger impact on our success or failure globally than what we suspect. It is not solely up to us to be successful. The country of our birth has a great impact. The understanding of our luck to be where we are globally […]

Letters from an American, December 18, 2022

I have not C & Ped enough of these recitals of present-day history in the making for AB readers to keep up with the House Committee meeting as recited by Prof. Heather. An in-committee vote will be taken to confirm whether a recommendation to prosecute former president trump will be made to the DOJ. My […]

The Anti-Racism of Fools

Peter Dorman at Econospeak The Anti-Racism of Fools Antisemitism has long been intermingled with movements against injustice and elite control.  This is because the most widespread image in the mind of antisemites is the existence of a secretive cabal of Jews who control global finance and promote liberal-sounding ideas only because it serves their nefarious […]

Announcement of a Looming White Minority Makes Demographers Nervous,

“Announcement of a Looming White Minority Makes Demographers Nervous,” Sabrina Tavernise,  The New York Times.” NYT’s article makes this announcement of White America becoming a minority in the 2040’s like it is new news?. It is not. In 2006, I exchanged emails with Joel Garreau about the same topic in his article “300 Million and Counting.” […]

“Upon Becoming an American”

I guess I am going to lose some of my writer reputation now as I look at the aspect of how certain “legal” migrants in San Antonio, Texas were treated by the governor in Florida. These people did not sneak into the US. They were granted asylum after presenting themselves to border guards, registered in […]

On the centrality of mass migrations to human history

“For Indigenous Peoples’ Day: on the centrality of mass migrations to human history“  – by New Deal democrat I just finished reading Susan Wise Bauer’s “The History of the Ancient World,” which in a little under 800 pages summarizes an almost endless string of kings and battles from the earliest written records kept by the […]

DeSantis’s Sales Pitch to “legal” Venezuelan Immigrants to get them on the Planes

The Martha Vineyard pamphlet given to legal Venezuelan immigrants in the US. Florida (as if you did not know where he rules!) Governor DeSantis’s motive was to convince the immigrants to get on the plane in Texas (a suburb of Florida) to go to paradise another city where they could get jobs, cash for eight […]