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What Was in My In-Box

Both Dan and I put this assortment of articles from various sites showing up in our In-Box. Rearranged the articles according to subject. Hopefully, you find something of interest. Democracy “How to confront the growing threat to American democracy,” Tom Nichols – Niskanen Center, In September 1787, an onlooker is said to have asked Benjamin […]

Coronavirus dashboard August 9: BA.5 dominant, slowly waning, a model for endemicity

Coronavirus dashboard for August 9: BA.5 dominant, with a slow waning; a model for endemicity  – by New Deal democrat  BIobot’s most recent update, through last week, shows a decline of 15% of COVID in wastewater, consistent with about 460,000 “real” new infections per day: All 4 Census regions (not shown) are participating in […]

Drug price control in the Inflation Reduction Act

Inflation Reduction Act The Inflation Reduction Act drug price negotiation is small in returns, low in the number of drugs initially impacted, and slow to start. Ten drugs will be selected and the impact of the act begins in 2026. It rises to 20 drugs to be negotiated in 2029. The new act ignores European […]

Veterans Returning to Homelessness

“Veterans Returning to Homelessness” – Public Health Post, Ann Elizabeth Montgomery | Dorota Szymkowiak | Jack Tsai | Thomas O’Toole Homelessness still occurring is depressing for me as a Vietnam era veteran. It is also not just veterans. I had my own issues taking a couple of years to resolve and I am still not […]

Shuttering a Union Manufacturing Plant

Joe Manchin’s Daughter Helped Shutter a Union Drug Plant,, Daniel Boguslaw Also taken from “Can You Patent the Sun?” – Angry Bear, What About Drug Costs? The story of EpiPen is a good example of out-of-control pricing. In 2007 Mylan acquired the EpiPen brand from Pfizer. The acquisition did not include the Pfizer subsidiary manufacturing […]

Ding, dong…..

Post written by Infidel753 as copied from his blog of the same name. The topic? Munchkin blue Kansas. Ding, dong….. Infidel753 Traditionally, Kansas has been as ruby-red as the slippers sported by its most iconic fictional inhabitant — but the state is looking a little more Munchkin-blue right now, with its voters dropping a house […]

Uninsured Healthcare rate hits an all-time low; HHS taking a victory lap

This showed up in my In Box today. Andrew Sprung at xpostfactoid is reporting on the impact of the American Rescue Plan impact healthcare. “U.S. uninsured rate hits an all-time low; Biden’s HHS takes a victory lap, ” xpostfactoid by Andrew Sprung The low rate is because of Biden and Dem’s American Rescue Plan which […]

Coronavirus dashboard for August 3: is this what endemicity looks like?

Coronavirus dashboard for August 3: is this what endemicity looks like?  – by New Deal democrat Confirmed cases nationwide (dotted line below) declined to 121,700, still within their recent 120-130,000 range. Deaths (solid line) are also steady at 431, within their recent 400-450 range as well: Hospitalizations have plateaued in the past 10 days reported […]