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Cooking the Planet by Limiting EPA’s Power to write Regulations and Rules

SCOTUS is moving to limit the power of congressionally legislated Agencies to write Regulations and Rules as delegated by Acts of Congress. The decision forces actions normally taken by empowered legislative Agencies back into Congress where they can be challenged. SCOTUS is picking on the EPA, restricting various regulations and rules it dislikes using the […]

A Pure Exercise of Power to Reduce Women’s Freedom and Equality

“Ending Roe is a pure exercise of Republican power, wielded to reduce women’s freedom and equality” – Los Angeles Times (, Erwin Chemerinsky Freedom and equality have expanded enormously over the course of American history, which makes the ending of a constitutional right virtually unprecedented. In Dobbs vs. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, the court overruled […]

A Break On The JCPOA Iran Nuclear Deal?

A Break On The JCPOA Iran Nuclear Deal?  Maybe. It is now reported that “talks are to resume,” although most observers are not optimistic. But then today there is a report of a shakeup in the Iranian Revolutionary Guards hierarchy who seem to control the most serious of these things. Head of their intel, Taeb, […]

An abortion polling Rorschach test

What does this make you think? Option 1:  This is a moral outrage! Option 2:  We need to figure out how to win elections! Politics is not a morality play, folks!  If you think this is an outrage, spend your time figuring out how to win elections.  And winning elections may require messaging that does […]

Money In Politics

The silver standard, one hundred and Thirty pieces of Silver’s thought “In evaluating fundraising for congressional candidates, the model now places more emphasis on contributions received within the candidate’s state. Fundraising is a highly nationalized activity these days; Democrats in California and New York regularly contribute to Senate campaigns like that of Democrat Jaime Harrison of […]

How should Democrats fight Dobbs?

The Democrats seem to be a bit uncertain about how to respond to the Dobbs ruling overturning Roe.  This isn’t surprising.  They face enormous pressure from their voters to “do something”, but there is, in fact, little they can do that will materially improve the situation of pregnant women in the short term.  Despite the […]

Moralistic political thinking

I have a post up at Science-Based Medicine about the pitfalls and dangers of moralistic political thinking. The focus is on COVID, but the lessons are much more broadly relevant. Here’s the lede: The American policy response to COVID left a great deal to be desired. Figuring out what went wrong and how to do […]

A few thoughts on the abortion ruling

“A few thoughts on the abortion ruling,” by INFIDEL753 There’s no longer any room to pretend that the Supreme Court is a mere non-political referee interpreting the law in a vacuum.  If it ever was that, it’s now just another locus of political power, like the House, Senate, and presidency, a utensil for imposing the […]

A Comment on Housing, Inflation, and Fed Policy

A comment on housing, inflation, and Fed policy (and a side comment on spending) No big economic news today, and as usual little State reporting on COVID over the weekend, so let me make a couple of points. As an initial note, the big report I will be paying attention to this week is personal […]