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The Exxon Tiger Rampant

The Exxon Tiger Rampant, Bad Crow Review, Weldon Berger Links are at the end, doing linky stuff. _________________________________________________________________ “confidence is high in the oil and gas world” __________________________________________________________________ And why not? Record profits, massive new drilling projects in delicate environs, a presidential pronouncement validating decades more of fossil fuel burning and did we mention fabulous profits? […]

CMS proposes prior authorization rule changes for healthcare plans

More on the practices of Medicare Advantage plains and also ACA, Medicaid and Medicare. The practice being delayed prior authorizations, the amount of time it takes, and the resulting tragedies. CMS proposes prior authorization rule changes for health plans, BenefitsPRO, Lauren Sausser Starting in 2026, a proposed CMS rule would require plans to respond to […]

Prosecuting Trump — a caveat,

Infidel753, “Prosecuting Trump — a caveat,” Infidel753 Blog It’s starting to look as if Trump may be indicted fairly soon, an event much of the left has been impatient to see for some time (what I myself most wanted was to simply never hear another word about him, but it’s clear that the reality we live […]

February existing home sales confirm prices have declined

February existing home sales confirm prices have declined, but bottom in sales and construction may be in  – by New Deal democrat There were only two noteworthy takeaways from the February existing home sales report: (1) like mortgage applications, permits, and starts, existing home sales responded to lower mortgage rates (a decline from just over […]

Medicare Advantage uses Algorithms to block care for Seniors

Kip Sullivan has been writing about the issues with Medicare Advantage. I have joined with Kip in bringing the issues of Medicare Advantage to the forefront. Angry Bear has featured Kip and I have added to the dialogue. This next commentary details how Healthcare Insurance, mostly Medicare Advantage has been using artificial intelligence in the […]

Average and aggregate nonsupervisory wages for February

Average and aggregate nonsupervisory wages for February 2023  – by New Deal democrat There’s no significant economic news today, so let’s update a couple of income indicators important to average American working households. Namely, because we now have the inflation report for February as well as payrolls, we can update average and aggregate nonsupervisory wages. […]

The Big Myth, by Naomi Oreskes

Naomi Oreskes: All good myths have a kernel of truth. The other title: MAGA: You’ve been played. In her book: The Big Myth, How American Business Taught us to Loathe Government and Love the Free Market she researched the history of the source of the position and ideology of “Free Market” capitalism void of regulation. […]