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Student Loan Debt Relief Repayment Paused

“Student loan repayment pause extended while waiting for debt relief,” (, Ananya Bhattacharya Student loan repayments were set to restart in the new year of 2023 if not forgiven. Another six more months breathing room has been granted before those repayments start again. The US Department of Education (DoE) announced the extension on November 22. The original moratorium […]

When Economic Distress Becomes Terrorism

“The Bell: When Economic Distress Becomes Terrorism,”, “Tom Dinger” What has changed since February 24, 2010? Have things gotten any better since then or 911? Are we still looking at an economic sinkhole for many people? In the last two years, programs were put in place to rescue people in spite of politics. What […]

More on deteriorating tax withholding receipts and jobs reports

More on deteriorating tax withholding receipts and jobs reports  – by New Deal democrat I have a new post up at Seeking Alpha, laying out all of the short leading indicators, and concluding conditions have now been met for a recession to begin at any point in the next 6 months. There’s one graph I intended […]

Coronavirus dashboard for Thanksgiving week 2022

Coronavirus dashboard for Thanksgiving week 2022  – by New Deal democrat As we start Thanksgiving week, let’s take a look at the current state of COVID. The Alphabet Soup of variants (most of which are direct descendants of BA.5), primarily BQ.1&1.1, has largely displaced their parent, which is down to 24% of all cases: Typically […]

The Anti-Racism of Fools

Peter Dorman at Econospeak The Anti-Racism of Fools Antisemitism has long been intermingled with movements against injustice and elite control.  This is because the most widespread image in the mind of antisemites is the existence of a secretive cabal of Jews who control global finance and promote liberal-sounding ideas only because it serves their nefarious […]

“Recession Watch” now “Recession Warning”

New Deal Democrat’s Weekly Indicators for November 14 – 18 at Seeking Alpha  – by New Deal democrat My Weekly Indicators post is up at Seeking Alpha. It had to happen sooner or later. Earlier this year, based on the long leading indicators, I went on “Recession Watch.” Now, for the first time in a very […]