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Russian Central Bank Head May Be Out

Russian Central Bank Head May Be Out  This is the first English language report of this, as near as I can tell after some serious googling, but it is all over a lot of pretty serious Russian sources. Reportedly, Elvira Naibiullina, Head of the Russian Central Bank, left her position this past Tuesday or thereabouts.  […]

Reverse Logic?

This showed up on Facebook. Some guy by the name of Daniel Becker posted it as a commentary there. It is actually pretty good. A type of reverse logic. There is probably a name for this writing style, It eludes me right now. Enjoy on a Saturday . . . yes? It is simple, no […]

Medicare Drug price control in the Inflation Reduction Act Moves Forward Except for Insulin

JAMA Network “How Do Commercial Insurance Plans Fare Under Proposed Prescription Drug Price Regulation?” Rena M. Conti, Richard G. Frank, Len M. Nichols December 2021, this article came out detailing Medicare negotiating directly with pharmaceutical companies and the impact of the negotiation on people insured by commercial plans. That is if commercial insurance plans were […]

Jobless claims: once again, a relentless uptrend

Jobless claims: once again, a relentless uptrend I feel like a broken record at this point, as every week the trend seems more and more relentless. Initial jobless claims rose once again, by 14,000 (seriously revised down by 12,000 from last week’s reading of 260,000) to 262,000. More importantly, the 4 week average rose another […]

The Future of Farming

The world economy is undergoing extreme changes that have been both generational as well as exacerbated by lack of investment, global pandemic and supply chain crunch. Logistical nightmare aside, the generational shift from the prosperity of the Baby Boomer generation in the West as well as the great readjustment in China post Mao and the […]

FBI Warrant sought nuclear weapons documents at Mar-a-logo

An angry Attorney General Garland yesterday called former commander-in-chief trump’s bluff. In an unusual move, Garland asked the court to unseal the search warrant and the nature of the inventory of property(?) taken from Trump’s home. This came after heavy criticism by trump, Republicans, and also an attack on the Cincinatti FBI office. “trump himself […]

Sgt First Class Heath Robinson – Our Promise to Address Comprehensive Toxics

In Vietnam, it was Agent Orange, PTSD, TBI, Malaria, etc. we were exposed to and many of us still suffer from the results. It took me about a year before I could sleep soundly next to my wife. You were just on edge. We did not get the recognition for issues beyond mine until much […]