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Investigating a Supreme Court Justice

Retreating to the political side of Angry Bear. Atrios, had “You Could Fire Him” up on Friday. This concerns Justice Kavanaugh and how he was pushed into the position on SCOTUS by upper management (trump for those who are unassuming). There are some overlooked issues with his application “references” for the position as gathered by […]

New tax law to help fund the United States government during the Civil War

I subscribe to Prof. Heather Cox’s site. I pick the posts I believe might be interesting to AB readers. This one fits the spirit of the day. August 5, 2022, Letters from an American, Heather Cox Richardson On this day in 1861, President Abraham Lincoln signed into law a new tax law to help fund […]

Shuttering a Union Manufacturing Plant

Joe Manchin’s Daughter Helped Shutter a Union Drug Plant,, Daniel Boguslaw Also taken from “Can You Patent the Sun?” – Angry Bear, What About Drug Costs? The story of EpiPen is a good example of out-of-control pricing. In 2007 Mylan acquired the EpiPen brand from Pfizer. The acquisition did not include the Pfizer subsidiary manufacturing […]

July jobs report: in which an absolute positive blowout make me happily wrong

July jobs report: in which an absolute positive blowout make me happily wrong; all pandemic job losses now recovered  –  by New Deal democrat As I wrote earlier this week, the short leading indicators for both jobs (real retail sales) and the unemployment rate (initial jobless claims) have each signaled that we should expect weaker […]

Senate majority leader Sinema caves on the Inflation Reduction Act

One person (Sinema) appears to want to hold the latest attempt to pass some form of the America Rescue bill hostage. A spokesperson for Sinema did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Without her support, Senate Democrats can’t advance the package in the 50-50 Senate over GOP resistance. The party is employing a […]

Jobless claims continue their relentless climb

Jobless claims continue their relentless climb  – by New Deal democrat Initial jobless claims rose 6,000 to 260,000 last week. More importantly, the 4 week average, which has been rising relentlessly, rose another 6,000 as well to 254,750, an 8 month high.  Continuing claims also rose 48,000 to 1,417,000, the highest since April: Initial claims […]