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Most Medicaid enrollees were unaware states can drop People “Now”

Fred Dobbs had a comment “a poll from KFF” on the Open Thread which led to this article. Read it, rewrote much of it, and posted it. More on the economics on healthcare. What is not being said here is what are the costs to the nation of no healthcare. Here we are just reporting […]

Limiting the Environmental Protection Agency’s ability to protect wetlands

Pretty good article on the environment and SCOTUS saying its ok to obliterate a wetland for a house. Except Alito suggests we should do more! Brett Kavanaugh: Supreme Court EPA Ruling Could Risk Water Quality, businessinsider, Kelsey Vlamis “the majority was ignoring precedent and jeopardizing water quality in the US.” Supreme Court ruling issued Thursday […]

Another Legal Challenge of the ACA Coming Out of Texas and the Fifth District

Cost-Free Preventive Care Under the ACA Faces Legal Challenge, JAMA | JAMA Network, Gregory Curfman, MD; Kirsten Bibbins-Domingo. The same federal Jackass judge in Texas who struck down the entire ACA (2018) has risen again. In this particular instance, he is taking aim at a core protection of the ACA or Cost-free preventive care. These […]

Insurance Carriers Are About To Rebate Another $1.1 Billion To Policyholders Thanks To The ACA

My old Michigan standby on the PPACA. If there was something I needed to know, I could always count on Charles knowing the answer. I believe some of the state and federal politicians also relied on Charles for information. What is also kind of cool is Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer issuing a directive on Medicaid […]

US on track to set record in 2023 for mass killings

I do not believe there is anything shocking enough to get Americans to react to deluge of killings from bullet-spewing-weapons. No matter what happens, everything goes back to the way it was pre-mass murders. In this case we have had multiples of shootings of 4 or more which qualifies as a mass shooting. Our elected […]

Pharmaceutical Companies Eluding Congressional Scrutiny

If you recall, I reported on a West VA. Federal Court Ruling in Favor of Drug Distributors last July. The City of Huntington and the County of Cabell sued three drug wholesalers responsible for distributing hydrocodone and oxycodone or opioids. The claim was AmerisourceBergen Drug Co., Cardinal Health Inc., and McKesson Corp. were responsible for […]

Clarence Thomas tuition: Why the latest revelation is the most insulting of all

This is an interesting piece done by Dahlia Lithwick. Basically taking up the history of why judges do not take gifts from commoners. Unless of course, the commoner has money and is influential. Ok, so Justice Clarence Thomas is getting a few greater than normal bucks and gifts on the side. Problem two arises in […]

So one of trump’s Trials ends

“An Ominous Warning to the E. Jean Carroll Jury,” The Atlantic, Juliette Kayyem Interesting but foreboding piece in The Atlantic. In the dismissal of the jury, the judge took a moment to suggest the jury not engage in conversation or be publicly identified. Typically and after trials, the judge will dismiss the jurors by thanking […]