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They have come to resurrect Caesar.

Dana Millbank at the Washington Post points us to JD Vance, the MAGA Republican from Ohio running for a Senate seat in Congress and a potential American Julius Caesar. “‘Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears: They have come to resurrect Caesar. MAGA Republican leaders take umbrage at being accused of ‘semi-fascism,‘ which is understandable: […]

Potential Voting Machine Issues (tampering) in Some States

“Computer experts urge Georgia to replace voting machines,” (, Kate Brumback Should Georgia replace present voting machines with paper ballots? CNN — A Republican County official in Georgia escorted two operatives working with an attorney for former President Donald Trump into the county’s election offices on the same day a voting system there was breached, newly obtained video shows. […]

What News was in My In-Box

Healthcare and Politics are the heavy hitters tonight. I always feel like I missed something. Feel free to add articles to this in comments. I have a post to complete on the costs and prices on Pharma. You know there is a difference. Politicians usually talk about one or the other. A while back Germany […]

What News was in My In-Box

A lot of informational news deposited in my In-Box this week. Nothing this week is taken from anywhere else. I think last week, I included one news article from the outside. Political, Economic, Healthcare news are my mainstays. The usual economics and business news coming from different sources. Yes, inflation is still an issue. I […]

Nineth Amendment of the Bill of Rights

Has anyone looked at the Nineth Amendment of the Bill of Rights? Because of what is being said about rights not enumerated in the Constitution by SCOTUS and Carol Stewart is precisely why it exists. Some history: “The Amendment’s origin is fascinating history. James Madison proposed the Amendment to counter the Federalist arguments that a […]

Answering John Roberts Beliefs of Innocence

I had read Dan’s post, “Total Hypocrisy, Franken Pushed Back on GOP” – Angry Bear ( Was kind of wondering if there was an answer to John Roberts. Roberts beliefs are they are innocent, alas how could their decisions be influenced by political beliefs, especially the political influences appointing them, the Federalist Society, their own […]

ARP Medicaid Postpartum Coverage Expansion

I believe it was 2019 when I was asked to write on women’s healthcare issues. I was not asked because I was an expert. They were asking me because they wanted a male’s perspective on women’s healthcare issues. In particular, the topic was maternal healthcare and mortality. “A Woman’s Right to Safe Healthcare Outcomes” – […]

Total Hypocrisy, Franken Pushed Back on GOP

I listened to this and it angers me. First, we hear from Justice Roberts about barricades around SCOTUS after Roe v Wade. Not one word about the barricades being erected after the January 6 riots at the Capitol. Erected due to violent protest causing injury, death, and destruction at the Capitol. The next stop after […]

Michigan’s Abortion Initiative Going on the November Ballot

Last week the Michigan Supreme Court rejected a tied Michigan Board of State Canvassers inability to approve an abortion rights initiative placement on the November ballot. MSC directed the Michigan Board of State Canvassers to place the abortion initiative on the ballot. The issue over the tie was the amendment’s spacing and formatting potentially causing confusion amongst […]