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The Crimes of Punishment

Surely someone, not something, must be to blame, must be responsible for whatever catastrophe that may have just occurred. Even CNN knows this. Blaming an event on someone obviates the need to fully explain, to seek a cause; relieves us of the responsibility to understand, to acknowledge the true cause. Seems it is somehow better […]

Intellectual Property II

As always, I am bloviating on a matter where I am not expert. I do sometimes wonder what the hell we should do with the strange human invention called intellectual property. It can be argued that it was a brilliant invention. For example the US Constitutional Convention wrote “To promote the Progress of Science and […]

Decentralized Education

Some, if not all, of the original thirteen may have had some claim to state’s rights in that as individual and separate colonies they had known some autonomy. None of the states admitted later, with the possible exception of Texas, had claim to such rights. Any legitimate claim by Texas, or any of the thirteen […]

The Rittenhouse Verdict and the Future of Vigilante Violence

The Rittenhouse Verdict and the Future of Vigilante Violence There are typically two levels in a case like Rittenhouse’s, the individual issues of justice and accountability, and the social implications of the crime and its judicial resolution.  I want to spend a moment with the second. America faces an impending crisis of vigilante suppression of […]

Continuing the Conversation on Medicare and Medicare Advantage – 2

Where we are in the Conversation VBP: I had stopped the dialogue on Kip Sullivan’s paper Medicare’s “Value-Based Payment (VBP)” programs are Failing on page 3 of 12 pages so as to detail it as much as possible and breaking this portion out for readers. It can be reviewed here. This part of Kip’s paper […]

‘Brutus,’ the anti-Federalist to presciently foresaw the Imperial Supreme Court

‘Brutus,’ the anti-Federalist to presciently foresaw the Imperial Supreme Court   As you may recall, for the past several years I have done a great deal of historical reading about Republics; how they were structured, what were their strengths and weaknesses, whether they were able to last a long time, and whether they were consistent […]

Anti-Racism and Democracy in Our Schools

Anti-Racism and Democracy in Our Schools  It’s generally conceded that Terry McAuliffe’s statement “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach” was a big blunder that contributed to his defeat last week.  The context was a debate with his Republican opponent, Glenn Youngkin, who had used his party’s playbook on Critical […]

Ponder This

If you will What if Jimmy Carter had been reelected in 1980; Walter Mondale had been elected in 1984 and reelected in 1988; and, Al Gore elected in 2000 and reelected in 2004? We would be at least twenty years ahead of where we are now in re Climate Change. Central America would not be […]

“Constitutional Sheriffs” and “Posse Comitatus”

“Constitutional Sheriffs” and “Posse Comitatus,” Econospeak, Barkley Rosser  In the mid-1970s when I was finishing my Ph.D. diss and also working for the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources in its Water Quality Bureau, where I was mostly dealing with sewer systems issues, the Wisconsin branch of the Posse Comitatus was attacking and “arresting” individuals from […]

And the Anti-Anything Whiners . . .

“30,000 people were trapped inside Shanghai Disneyland on Halloween after one person tested positive for COVID-19,” Business Insider, Sinéad Baker And United States Anti-Vaxers, maskers, and social distancers whine. Excerpt from the article: Disneyland Shanghai shut down after one positive COVID-19 case was found there. The nearly 34,000 visitors and staff had to get tested […]