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Michigan’s Abortion Initiative Going on the November Ballot

Last week the Michigan Supreme Court rejected a tied Michigan Board of State Canvassers inability to approve an abortion rights initiative placement on the November ballot. MSC directed the Michigan Board of State Canvassers to place the abortion initiative on the ballot. The issue over the tie was the amendment’s spacing and formatting potentially causing confusion amongst […]

One person’s detailed history of Paying off a Student Loan

Mary Jacob explaining the student loan she paid off. This is a loan which had high balances due to miscalculations, etc. If I felt up to it, I could probably figure out how she ended up paying $16,000 in the end. It appears she was paying interest only in the beginning, drove the loan down […]

“I told you so”

I told you so Not much economic news this week. I’ll post an update on COVID later, but for now, a follow-up on my Mar A Lago search warrant post last week. Last week I concluded my observations as follows: “Despite how devastating the DoJ response apparently is, it is important to remember that this […]

Pride, Chaos, and Kegs on Labor’s First ‘Day’

A bit of history leading up to the creation of Labor Day as a holiday, the first day of celebration, the politics, how it came to be, and the politics as told by Prof. Heather. That first celebration being held September 5, 1882; at noon that day, when the marchers arrived at Reservoir Park, the […]

What the IRA could mean for PBMs

“What the Inflation Reduction Act means for PBMs” Times of News This is a strange little article trying to fill a gap in knowledge. The italicized sentences are mine. It does make some sound points on PBMs so I kept it. If you can get into Seeking Alpha or Modern Healthcare, you may find a […]

Where Will M.S. Gorbachev Be Buried?

Where Will M.S. Gorbachev Be Buried?  Mikhail Sergeivich Gorbachev died on the same day as our daughter Sasha’s 33rd birthday. Sasha herself noted that if it were not for him she probably would not exist. It was ultimately Gorbachev who decided that the USSR would obey the Helsinki Accords rules on letting people get married […]

Introducing the New USPS Sorting & Delivery Centers

Save The Post Office, Steve Hutkins Steve Hutkins and Mark Jamison (retired NC postmaster) have been writing about the USPS for a long time now (years). This post is about Louis DeJoy’s efforts to centralize the Post Office into hubs with carriers leaving from the hubs and having local post offices becoming little more than […]

In which I parse and war-game the Trump “special master” litigation

In which I parse and war-game the Trump “special master” litigation And now, for something completely different .. ..  While I have zero special knowledge about Federal criminal procedure, I *do* pay very close attention to “tells” in human behavior. (See, for example, my parsing of Bill Barr’s ‘summary’ of Mueller’s report summary, in which […]

Student Loan Forgiveness by Age and Dollars

Student Loan debt and how much of this may shake out. Pretty simple when you look into the this for now. The data above is taken from the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS). A database maintained by the U.S. Department of Education to aggregate loan and grant data for all students who utilize federal […]