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Who bears the responsibility for the East Palestine train disaster?

No one has accepted real responsibility for the East Palestine disaster, The Guardian, Zsuzsa Gyenes A noticeable chemical odor three months later – yet the town and surrounding residents still has to fight for accountability from Norfolk Southern as told by Zsuzsa. The Ohio Republican governor Mike DeWine is sitting back waiting for the East […]

The bank crisis is the latest argument to expand Postal Service banking

An April 20th commentary pulled off of Steve Hutkins’ “Save the Post Office Blog.” Prof. Hutkins tracks what is going on with the USPS, what PG Louis DeJoy is up to, and the transition of the USPS to what DeJoy believes is a profit center and supposedly better than the present. Except the plan is […]

May 30, 2023 – Letters from an American

What looked like it could be catastrophic for the nation, its people, and its economy, the results coming from a so-called too old eighty-year old man negotiating the US budget appears to be far better than expected. And far better than what Repubs are offering up. Now it is up to the House to put […]

What Happened To Paying Off The National Debt?

A week ago, this commentary by Bill McBride was up on Calculated Risk. A bit of history dating back to 2001. A very timely post and one which fits in with what was happening today with the National Debt. Take note of who was pushing less stringent regulation, tax cuts, etc. It will pay for […]

“Journalistic Malpractice” by The New York  Times?

Annie at Annie Asks You Blog had this post up the last couple of days. Annie is looking at the threat of a third presidential candidate in 2024. The effort of which is to result in the watering down of votes for either candidate in Purple states in which the election results are close. If […]

The modern free press

“The modern free press,” Infidel753 Blog, Infidel753 In the US, we have probably the world’s strongest protections for free speech and freedom of the press, thanks to the First Amendment and the citadel of jurisprudence built on it.  And yet the mainstream media here are usually strikingly timid and reluctant to call a spade a […]

Limiting the Environmental Protection Agency’s ability to protect wetlands

Pretty good article on the environment and SCOTUS saying its ok to obliterate a wetland for a house. Except Alito suggests we should do more! Brett Kavanaugh: Supreme Court EPA Ruling Could Risk Water Quality, businessinsider, Kelsey Vlamis “the majority was ignoring precedent and jeopardizing water quality in the US.” Supreme Court ruling issued Thursday […]