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Questioning the University Investments Feeding the Endowments. The Returns are Weak

Excellent piece by one of CEPR’s Domestic Program Interns . . . Alex Richwine. That name rings a bell with me. I am sure you will find this piece to be an excellent report detailing university investment returns. Quite apropos . . . give todays circumstances. ~~~~~~~~ University Endowment Returns Don’t Measure Up by Alex […]

Ethics at SCOTUS? No one will challenge the run-amuck Justices Any Time Soon

I decided to take a break from the recital of numbers on the economy, energy, or population and look elsewhere for something to feature. I spent some time at Slate’s The Best of the Fray. It was heavily populated with people who could really discuss the issues and the law. Not so numbers oriented like […]

Why fighting small apartment buildings is self-defeating and short-sighted

by Lloyd Alter Carbon Upfront! Llyod discusses the changing needs of the largest retirement population to be occurring in the next decade or baby boomers. Baby Boomers are on the verge of requiring smaller living spaces in close proximity to transportation, shopping, and healthcare. Easier and greater accessibility is paramount going they will not […]

How Famine and Starvation Could Affect Gaza for Generations to Come

How Famine and Starvation Could Affect Gazans for Generations to Come by Neroli Price, Salman Ahad Khan and Gabrielle Berbey Reveal News Research on World War II’s Dutch “Hunger Winter” has terrifying implications for Gaza’s malnourished children – and then for their children. Famine is already happening in parts of Gaza, a top U.S. humanitarian […]

Biden:  “Trump must bathe before the debate!”

OK, not really.  But this is real (politico, via Political Wire): The expectations game … Trump also returned to another golden oldie last night: proposing a drug test for his debate opponent. He used this tactic in 2016 against Clinton. The gist is that if his opponent looks good at a debate, it’s only the result of illegal substances. […]

Wyoming: Hating The Obama, Loving The Care

ACASignups Charles Gaba: Among 10 states with the highest share of farmers, Wyoming uses the federal health insurance marketplace the most. This according to a new analysis by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. That marketplace is a virtual space for comparing plans and finding insurance often more affordable than elsewhere thanks to federal subsidies.  There are touches […]

US Affordable Rental Housing, Makes Sense? Or Not Working as Intended

This report dropped into my email box a day or so ago. It hits upon a topic which has plagued big cities since before I was a child. Early-on in Chicago, urban renewal was the thought to be the right idea and the wrong concept. Public housing development in Chicago, Illinois. Cabrini-Green was a model of successful public […]

Postal Supervisors Struggle using the DeJoy DFA Postal System

Steve Hutkins again addressing the implementation of the DeJoy system in Georgia. Supervisory competency came up in a message to the PRC. There has always been a give and take between management and labor. In this instance, managements probably have the same labor experience as what present labor has. If that is not the issue, […]

Clarence Thomas’ Ruling Shocks Supreme Court Analysts

AB: For years, Clarence sat in silence and did not say much. It was only when Roberts took over, did he begin to make his mark as a justice. He will probably be remembered as one of the worst appointments to SCOTUS. Before his appointment, he told a story about dependency on welfare. Thomas opposed […]

Schools in One Virginia County to Reinstate Confederate Names

Schools in One Virginia County to Reinstate Confederate Names, The New York Times, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar substack SUMMARY: After a meeting that lasted for hours, the Shenandoah County school board voted early Friday morning to restore the names of three Confederate officers to schools in the district. With the vote, the district appears to be the first […]