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Gasoline Pricing during my lifetime

A bit of Kevin Drum: “Raw data: Gasoline during my lifetime,”, Kevin Drum. I had just been discharged from Marine Corp active duty in 71, married, and bought a boxy Datson 510 to get around in the Chicago suburbs. Finished up at one college in 72 and started finishing my BA at another college […]

Is Choosing the Status Quo sage ? Is it even possible ?

I am struggling with thoughts about status quo bias. I see many issues where a proposal to do something new is subject to severe scrutiny which is not applied to the implicit proposal to keep doing what we have been doing. The logic is small c conservative — better to stick with what we know […]

Is It Worth the Pollution and Costs? Flying Montreal Bagels to Vancouver, Canada

We do not measure the amount of pollution and costs incurring when products are transporting in a way having greater pollution and cost. This as measured against local products. A comment on Lloyd Alter’s piece discusses dough coming from Italy for pizzas? “I’m less concerned about this than that our major grocery chains. Currently, PC […]

New Model Oversized Cars are ridiculously Large

Too Big, too Loud, and Too fast appears to be the thing these days. Either they are jacked up squatting, large tired, multiple rear tires, altered mufflered, adjusted emission control to emit soot from acceleration, etc. Anything to gain attention for those who probably never received such while growing up. As children, we all had […]

Utah officials sued over failure to save Great Salt Lake

In Arizona, much of its water is drawn from the Colorado River. As everyone knows, The Lake Colorado Eiver Reservoirs dropped ~150 feet since 1983. It gained water due to the recent hurricane and also a large snowfall this last year. It still has not returned to prior levels. Meanwhile, the state of Arizona continues […]

John Deere partners with a Battery-electrified Product Manufacturer

This is interesting. John Deere a manufacturer of gasoline driven equipment is partnering with an international company owned by Chevron and is based in Nanjing China. EGO is led by CEO Long Quan Pan (title: Chairman/CEO/Executive Director/Co-Founder, Chervon Holdings Ltd.). My initial thought was, why doesn’t John Deere buy EGO out right making it a division […]

Open Thread August 31, 2023 Mixed News Topics

Not Everything We Call Cancer Should Be Called Cancer, The NYPD Denied Our Request for Body Camera Footage of a “Friendly Fire” Killing. Here’s How We Got It Anyway, ProPublica, Mike Hayes. Clarence Thomas officially discloses private jet trips on GOP donor Harlan Crow’s plane, CNN Politics, Ariane de Vogue and Devan Cole. Stay […]

Ford Reveals New Lineup of EV Chargers + a Home Version

This is mostly about commercial charging stations for companies. However, the company does offer a home version which I have added a picture and the pricing. Not cheap. It does solve the issue of where do I charge my vehicle? Not endorsing this as it is early on in the introduction of EVs and barely […]

Role of Critical Minerals in Clean Energy Transitions

AB: This particular article had warnings about use, changing any of the content, and proper recognition. Fair use is an issue as if giving credit to the authors and proper authorities. Liking this piece which explores the makeup of the batteries, etc. which energize the EVs being touted today. It explores the detail of what […]