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Limiting the Environmental Protection Agency’s ability to protect wetlands

Pretty good article on the environment and SCOTUS saying its ok to obliterate a wetland for a house. Except Alito suggests we should do more! Brett Kavanaugh: Supreme Court EPA Ruling Could Risk Water Quality, businessinsider, Kelsey Vlamis “the majority was ignoring precedent and jeopardizing water quality in the US.” Supreme Court ruling issued Thursday […]

Selection of In-Box Articles I Found Interesting

Another collection of articles on various topics from my In-Box. Puling quite a bit from Healthcare. Some interesting articles in this batch. I hope you take a few moments and read some of them. Most are not terribly long winded. I wander in the comments section to see what is being said on various topics. […]

GAO: EV Infrastructure: USPS Plan for Potential Workplace Charging

GAO: Electric Vehicle Infrastructure: USPS Should Plan for Potential Workplace Charging – Save the Post Office Introduction Part of the plan as referred to in Steve Hutkins’ “EVs and S&DCs: USPS says you can’t have one without the other” was to have EV charging capabilities at the local post offices which would be available to […]


To be clear, our national debt problem is due to revenues insufficient to cover expenditures. More than anything else, for the past 40 plus years, this accumulated deficit is due to Republican opposition to tax increases coupled with their eagerness to cut taxes on the wealthy given the opportunity to do so. Most, if indeed […]

What type is your Aluminum and From What is It Derived

Llyod Alter formerly of Treehugger was the one I would always read on Treehugger. I would say this goes back a couple of decades. I was writing my stuff in the comments section of Slate’s Moneybox or The Best of the Fray. Somehow Treehugger became associated with Slate and I picked up on them and […]

Environmental and Policy Impacting Mother Earth and Us

The History of Earth Day,, Jenn Savedege. The first Earth Day was celebrated on April 22, 1970. The event and which some consider to be the birth of the environmental movement. Founded by United States Senator Gaylord Nelson. Nelson chose the April date to coincide with spring while avoiding most spring break and final […]

International Mother Earth Day April 22, 2023

Thank you Fred Dobbs and a Happy Mother Earth Day to You also. International Mother Earth Day, United Nations Mother Earth is clearly urging a call to action. Nature is suffering. Oceans filling with plastic and turning more acidic.  Extreme heat, wildfires and floods, have affected millions of people. Even these days, we are still […]

What percent of our Atmosphere is CO2?

“Congressman proves global warming scare is just silly.” Commentary by Dale Coberly.  [from Forbes Breaking News] House Transportation Committee Holds Hearings On Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act … which Rep. Doug LaMalfa (R-CA) gives master class in lying without telling a single lie . . . all in a calm and reasonable voice  He asks […]

Considering Environmental Topics Impacting Us Daily

I split these topics out from my other groupings of things found in my In-Box. I thought I would give it its own post as it considers environmental topics to include poverty, housing, nature, recycling, and business. All of which have an impact on the world we live in today. What is there is how […]