King Canute economics comes to Massachusetts

According to legend, King Canute tried to order the tide not to come in. Needless to say, he failed, divine rights of kings nonwithstanding.

Back when we lived in North Carolina, we visited the Outer Banks a few times. There were many expensive homes on the shoreline. These were often casualties of hurricanes that would push ocean water up over the islands. Then, as the hurricanes moved up the coast, water that had been pushed into Pamlico Sound would rush back over the island. The Outer Banks were subject to constant erosion. I never understood why anyone would invest in a house there and why any insurance company would sell insurance on it.

Now, it seems that property owners along Salisbury Beach MA squandered $600,000 after throwing 15,000 tons of sand on the beach to prevent erosion, only to see 7500 tons wash away in a single day, leaving homes weak and vulnerable. Now, they’re requesting money from the state to restore the dunes. I hope the state will resist this futile effort by local King Canutes to hold back the ocean.

Atlantic tells MA homeowners to pound sand