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Russian Central Bank Head May Be Out

Russian Central Bank Head May Be Out  This is the first English language report of this, as near as I can tell after some serious googling, but it is all over a lot of pretty serious Russian sources. Reportedly, Elvira Naibiullina, Head of the Russian Central Bank, left her position this past Tuesday or thereabouts.  […]

Basques In America

Basques In America  This is a bit of travelogue, as I mentioned previously I am on the road now at south end of Lake Tahoe on the Nevada side for the annual conference of the Society for the Advancement of Behavioral Economics (SABE). Earlier today I traveled east from the Tahoe area to Gardnerville, NV […]

How Changes In Changes In Inventories Have Brought US The “Recession” That Is Probably Not A Recession

How Changes In Changes In Inventories Have Brought US The “Recession” That Is Probably Not A Recession by Barkley Rosser, Econospeak  Based on just announced preliminary results, it looks like the US will have experiences negative GDP growth for the first two quarters of 2022. Based on a “rule of thumb” introduced in a New […]

Patrick J. Micharls RIP

Patrick J. Micharls RIP, Econospeak by Barkley Rosser  I have just read an obituary in today’s Washington Post of Pat Michaels, who died a week ago of unreported causes at age 72. He was long identified as one of the most influential “climate skeptics” in terms of policy, playing an important role in blocking the […]

Listening To Dmitri Shostakovich’s Music

Listening To Dmitri Shostakovich’s Music, Econospeak by Barkley Rosser  While recovering from a bout of Covid-19 (getting there), I have found myself listening to a lot of music by Soviet/Russian composer, Dmitri Shostakovich, mostly some of his 15 symphonies, which cover quite a range of styles from his first in 1926 to his last in […]

Inflation, tariffs, and Iran

(Dan here…lifted from comments) Barkley Rosser writes: There are two things Trump did that added to inflation that Biden has somehow not undone yet. One of them is reversing the Trump tariffs, which he clearly fears doing because of opposition by Organized Labor and many white working-class voters in the crucial Rust Belt states. Some […]