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A new rule that would grant exemptions on swap trades

Here we are agin, trying to make it easier to trade derivatives. Never mind the lessons we thought we learned when Goldman Sachs called on AIG to ante up. There were little in reserve for the swaps and AIG was ready to collapse. Congress and the Fed (or reverse) saved them and the economy. The […]

Social Security and Medicare: Fun with Numbers Time

I have added little to this commentary. Economist Dean Baker has taken a position on various aspects of the economy. A positive position which you will see many other commentaries trashing. We avoided one hell of a recession to date which would have been the equal to the 2008 collapse due to Wall Street’s addiction […]

Fee For Service Medicare Part D Price Increases

I am late on the draw for this information on Medicare. Been busy with other issues. Had dinner last night at VA’ Bene, a restaurant in Chandler which is not too far from us. An older couple joined us afterwards as we were sipping some Chianti. The heat finally got to this couple and they […]

State Taxes are Driving People to Moving to Other States?

A rewrite by me combining several articles . . . “Go woke, go broke,” cited by one billionaire.” The implication? The ongoing culture war and economic policies of northeastern states had facilitated the migration of wealth and economic power to the South. California has the highest marginal tax rate in the nation. California also has […]

Just Some More Politics Today

House politics today as most Repubs and Dems support the House funding bill. Democrat Jake Auchincloss of Massachusetts and Mike Quigley of Illinois voted against the passage of House Speaker’s Mike Johnson’s stopgap funding bill to avert a government shutdown. With the two Dems, Ninety-three Republicans voted against it also. The bill passed. A similar […]


Dale Coberly discussing the latest news on Social Security. SOCIAL SECURITY, A BREAKTHROUGH? Dale Coberly For years I have been trying to inform people that the great big, huge horrible “Looming Trillion Dollar Unfunded Deficit” in Social Security could be fixed forever with a one tenth of one percent increase in the Social Security tax […]

OEMs Pulling Back from EVs?

I rewrote portions of this article and added information from my own experiences in Automotive when new technology is introduced. My experience is not as great when compared to the introduction of EVs. However, it does come close enough to understand what is going on with the industry. Anyways, onwards. As taken from: GM Says […]

Greenspan Admits ‘Flaw’ to Congress, Predicts More Economic Problems

Just some economic and political history . . . An October 15, 2008, article in The Washington Post analyzing the origins of the economic crisis claims Greenspan vehemently opposed any regulation of derivatives, and actively sought to undermine the office of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. If you recall, Brooksley Born was the head of the CFTC. A litany […]

Popularism = Populism = Soak the Rich *and* Spread it Out Thin

For some reason in this time of crisis both foreign and domestic, I feel the need to remind Angrybear readers of a very simple stylized fact: If the income tax is constitutional and the top rate is less than 69% then non-incumbent Democratic candidates for President have won if and only if they promise to […]