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More on the Debt Limit

This Hill article was up on Naked Capitalism’s Links this morning. More of the Democrats urging extreme caution in pursuing the 14th Amendment as a solution to a debt limit which is an agreement between parties and not a requirement. One could always print more money to resolve the issue also. Meanwhile, citizens having little […]

What is in Republican McCarthy’s debt-limit spending cut package?

Factbox: What’s in Republican McCarthy’s debt-limit spending cut package? Reuters, Andy Sullivan. Items Republicans and McCarthy are pushing for in a debt-limit package. The bill would essentially pair $4.5 trillion in spending cuts with a $1.5 trillion increase in the federal debt limit. Republicans are wanting to talk about government borrowing. “What’s in your wallet,” […]

Bankrupt Bed Bath & Beyond goes after Container and Shipping Companies

Bankrupt Bed Bath & Beyond goes after container shipping lines,, Greg Miller Kind of an interesting story if true. Bed, Bath, and Beyond contracted for a specific number of containers to haul their ordered product from one destination to the US. From the way the allegations go, the Container Company/Shipper failed to provide the […]

First Republic Bank Seized by Regulators and Sold . . .

Commenter Fred Dobbs reports (NYT) on the seizure of First Republic Bank by banking regulators in the comments section of Angry Bear. I am beginning to wonder how many more seizures will occur. How many failures are resulting from the loosening of Dodd-Frank? It appears the Fed has a greater impact on banks than Labor. […]


To be clear, our national debt problem is due to revenues insufficient to cover expenditures. More than anything else, for the past 40 plus years, this accumulated deficit is due to Republican opposition to tax increases coupled with their eagerness to cut taxes on the wealthy given the opportunity to do so. Most, if indeed […]

Income tax withholding payments stumble again

Income tax withholding payments stumble again  – by New Deal democrat The important data this week will include new home sales tomorrow, Q1 GDP and initial jobless claims on Thursday, and most importantly of all (imo) real personal income and spending, along with real manufacturing and trade sales on Friday. In the meantime, today let […]

It’s Tax Day

Yes I am complaining about filing a tax return (I wonder how many people are blogging such complaints today). I am trying to e-file a return for [un-named relative X] who is a full time student with zero income and IRS anxiety. OK so we are silly as X is not required to file a […]

Overdue Selection of Stuff from My In-Box

The Overdue Selection of Stuff from My In-Box. Some days are good at Angry Bear. Getting a background in how to run a Blog by myself at this time. Sometimes run out of ideas. Fortunately, I have good influx of articles hitting my In-Box daily. I recently cleaned out a couple of thousand emails going […]

Swiss claim U.S. banking crisis toppled Credit Suisse

Up to 35,000 UBS and Credit Suisse jobs at risk, SWI The megabank created by the UBS takeover of Credit Suisse is reducing its global workforce by 20-30% or between 25,000 to 36,000 positions. This is according to the  Sonntags Zeitung newspaper, citing an unnamed senior UBS manager. This was interesting in the US. According […]

New Deal democrat’s Weekly Indicators for March 27 – 31

Weekly Indicators for March 27 – 31 at Seeking Alpha  – by New Deal democrat I keep forgetting to put up this link on Saturdays, but you know where to find it: my Weekly Indicators post is up at Seeking Alpha. The good thing about high frequency indicators is you can see what is happening with trends […]