Small scale carbon capture

EVs are certainly proliferating, not only here in East Providence but all over the planet. However, Hertz’ retreat from the rental market demonstrates the challenges facing companies with large fleets of vehicles.

Hertz cuts EV fleet by a third

Trucking companies have a lot invested in their diesel engine-powered truck fleets, and of course, many trucks are owner-operated.

Enter Remora. Named after fishes that hitch rides on whales, sharks, rays, turtles and small boats, Remora builds devices that mount on the back of a truck, attach to the tailpipe and capture carbon emissions while driving. The driver offloads captured and compressed CO2 while refueling and the CO2 can then be sold or sequestered underground.

In this way, an existing fleet of diesel trucks can be converted to zero emissions without replacing it with EVs.

Carbon capture for diesel trucks