This is kind of interesting . . .

Like many others, we use Costco to buy bulk things or special items such as this new screen I have plugged my laptop into. This morning, I am looking at the myriad of emails (many of the junk) and clicked on the latest Costco addy to see what they are hawking.

Voila . . . a solar powered generator.

This one is made by Anker (of phone battery charging fame), sold at Costco, and at a discounted price of ~$3700. There are some issues with this source of power. Some detail:

Ultra-high AC output power of 6,000W/9,000W and 120V/240V dual-voltage AC output and 7.68kWh capacity, this combo can power almost your all home appliances, a perfect companion for home backup and RV life.

One Battery, one Power Station, and one foldable Solar Panel. Is that enough? Probably not if you wish to turn on the air-conditioning in AZ. However, we do have the sun which makes this work in emergency situations. The furnace air circulation fan could be powered by it. I think it is too limited in output.

Just something new popping up.