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Taxing the Wealthy Before They Kill Us All?

Lloyd Alter’s adds a new CO2 or carbon pollution commentary on Carbon Up Front which follows many of his other commentaries on the issue. They can be found here. All of which address the issues of our advanced civilization slowly poisoning the world with a continued release of CO2. His latest article identifies the worst […]

Heirloom crops and global warming

The biggest near-term threat to human civilization from global warming is loss of fresh water and arable land for crops. It turns out that nature has confronted the challenges of increased temperature, increased salinity, disease resistance and violent weather. Recently, as strain of maize called “Jimmy Red corn” has been resurrected from a population bottleneck […]

Cleaning Out My In-Box of Articles

Cleaning out my In-Box of articles. Tried this a while back. There are a lot of daily topics I receive in my in-box. I do not get a chance to post about the topics after I quickly read them. Rather than just delete them, I thought I would post some of them at Angry Bear […]

Open Thread November 5 2023 Drift of Earth’s Pole

“Direct observational evidence supporting this estimate has been lacking. In this study, we show that the model estimate of water redistribution from aquifers to the oceans would result in a drift of Earth’s rotational pole, about 78.48 cm toward 64.16°E.” Drift of Earth’s Pole Confirms Groundwater Depletion as a Significant Contributor to Global Sea Level Rise […]

Why our cities are becoming a corporate monoculture

Pulling another Lloyd Alter Carbon Upfront commentary. Been reading Lloyd for a number of years and going back to Slate’s The Fray. Those years could be measured in decades now. I like the older building and worked on some of them in Chicago. The old Union Carbon and Carbide bldg. comes to mind. It became […]

Blame and Consequences

There are good reasons to want to know the cause of an accident, a fire, – or even a crime; finding out the cause of – the reason for – something undesirable happening could help prevent a recurrence. For instance, to ensure safety and avoid accidents, property owners in Florida are required to conduct and […]

Arab Oil embargo 50 years ago weaponized oil to inflict economic trauma

I thought this article was a solid rehash of what took place in the early seventies when we were driving the inefficient monsters Detroit was manufacturing. It was only a short time earlier, smaller and more efficient foreign cars arrived in the US from places such as Japan. I was fortunate to snag a Datsun […]

Is the solution to global warming atomic or diatomic

Also, is the solution just dissolved iron sulfate or also dissolved silica ? Sorry for the pun in the title. It is a reference to one of the hives on twitter — the nuclear energy enthusiasts who note the large fraction of zero carbon electricity currently produced by nuclear reactors.* Another approach to dealing with […]

Open Thread October 14 2023 State of Global Water Resources 2022

State of Global Water Resources 2022, World Meteorological Organization, The hydrological cycle is undergoing significant changes, with increasing global variability. Mainly due to climate change and human interventions. Living with Water Scarcity, Angry Bear, Dan Crawford, Living with Water Scarcity (2nd edition), The one-handed economist, David Zetland.

12% of Americans are eating half of the nation’s beef

Men and Older Americans Eat the Most Beef,, Catherine Boudreau Just 12% of Americans are eating half of the nation’s beef — the ‘Hummer of animal proteins.’ Americans savoring the last bits of summer on Labor Day weekend might have been barbecuing, picnicking, or trying a new restaurant. If so, there is a good […]