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Another Argument Favoring an Electric Vehicle Over a Gasoline Vehicle

It is difficult to argue against an electric vehicle when the efficiency is far greater. The only argument one could make presently is the sunk cost of your scrapping out your gasoline powered vehicle. There is no gain there and also no penalty if you keep it. The penalty of keeping it will come eventually. […]

Energy Required (measured in equivalent of Gal of gas) Needed to manufacture a new car

I have been looking around to see if I can find some commentaries addressing whether it make sense to swap out an efficient gasoline powered vehicle for an EV. There are not many of commentaries out on the internet. This is one of several I found and it speaks in terms of energy provided by […]

In-Box Topics Over the Last Few Weeks

In-Box Topics as discovered in my In-Box and accumulate every week. I can’t post them all even though I read or scan them. Maybe you will enjoy them? Healthcare Politics Engaging Antiracist And Decolonial Praxis To Advance Equity In Oregon Public Health Surveillance Practices, Health Affairs, This has consequences for how communities of color are […]

When it comes to the environment, there really is no such thing as a “good” car.

A guide to electric car misinformation (part 2) by Emily Atkin HEATED Contrasting EVs to gas powered vehicles. And will EVs be as bad or worst than gasoline powered vehicles. And some promoters of EVs go in the opposite direction over promoting EVs or what the article calls green washing EVS. Emily Atkin at HEATED […]

Volcanos vs anthropogenic global warming

Another stupid climate change denialist troll trick is to point out that volcanos also emit carbon dioxide and therefore volcanos, not human activity, are the cause of the current climate change crisis. While vulcanism has shaped the climate during earth’s history, it is not a significant contributor today. Human activity-associated CO2 generation dwarfs volcanos. Again, […]

Atmospheric carbon dioxide and global warming

A favorite canard of climate change denialist trolls is to trivialize the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere; how could something that is only 0.04% of the atmosphere drive global warming? Well, Google is your friend: “About 99 percent of the atmosphere is made of oxygen and nitrogen, which cannot absorb the infrared radiation […]

Plug-in hybrids: a reality check

We’re seriously considering a hybrid for our next car. One species of the hybrid genus is the “plug-in hybrid,” which seemed appealing to me, both from the standpoint of gas economy and to reduce our carbon footprint. Caveat emptor: “In one study from the ICCT published in 2022, researchers examined real-world driving habits of people […]

Battery Storage Growth to Fill Supply Gaps for States

Oil Price author Irina Slav has an interesting story up about California using battery storage of GWs to fill in the supply gaps during Summer electricity needs due to heat. Brief and a short paragraph taken from the article Rapid Battery Storage Growth Will Help California Avoid Blackouts This Summer. California could avoid rolling blackouts […]