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The Right’s Long Game to End Public Education

Briefly, this commentary is about creating a better environment for all children in public schools and stymie the political and personal efforts impeding the environment for them coming from privatization interests. by Jeff Bryant The Progressive Magazine “Every year, there’s something to stoke division in an attempt to disrupt our public schools and decrease the […]

Republican Budget Cuts Earned Benefits; Keeps Trump Tax Cuts

Angry Bears’ Social Security expert Dale Coberly emailed this to me about the same time it showed up in my inbox. Republicans again are trying to sell the public on the need to cut Social Security and Medicare Budgets for those over 65. Cutting them while keeping the Trump tax breaks which will result in […]

Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s family finds fault with an award given in her name to Elon Musk and Rupert Murdoch

There has to be more deserving unrecognized people worthy of recognition running around today? Why would the Opperman Foundation believe Musk and Murdoch are deserving of such an award given in Justice Ruth Ginsburg’s name? CNN, Tierney Sneed The family of the late liberal Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg wants her name pulled off an award after the […]

Getting the Truth on Medicare Advantage Plans v Traditional Medicare

I think MA growth should be slowed or stopped, at least until we end the extraordinarily high subsidies for MA plans, which are unfair to traditional Medicare and burdensome to the public treasury and many beneficiaries. Many beneficiaries can get better care for themselves and greater choice through traditional Medicare,

Navy demoted Ronny Jackson after probe into his behavior

Admiral, Captain Ronny Jackson was demoted and was not too happy about it. I think he deserved it. After reading the Inspector General’s report, it should have happened sooner. Admiral Ronny as compared to Admiral “Bull” Halsey? Hmmm/ Navy demoted Ronny Jackson after probe into White House behavior,, Dan Diamond. The worst job I […]

A ray of hope from the grassroots

Infidel753, A ray of hope from the grassroots, Infidel753 Blog Mid-December commentary by Infidel753 as taken from his site as known by the same title. Much of the intensity of political polarization in the US comes from a strangely mirror-image-like pair of personal-freedom issues — abortion rights and gun rights.  In each case one side, […]

Black journalists always knew what Confederate monuments really stood for

A way-to-long-time in coming. These monuments should have been removed decades ago to begin the healing the wounds caused by Black Slavery. A good read by Donovan Schaefer as taken from The Conversation. October 2023 and nearly seven years after the deadly Unite the Right white supremacist rally, the statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee in […]