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An update on USPS service performance in Georgia

Steve Hutkins of Save the Post Office giving an update on Louis Dejoy’s Delivering for America Plan. The expectation has been to cut costs through minimizing operations by moving mail between regional centers and delivering to fewer Post Offices. So far in Georgia and in particular Atlanta, the plan has not been working as well […]

Postal Supervisors Struggle using the DeJoy DFA Postal System

Steve Hutkins again addressing the implementation of the DeJoy system in Georgia. Supervisory competency came up in a message to the PRC. There has always been a give and take between management and labor. In this instance, managements probably have the same labor experience as what present labor has. If that is not the issue, […]

The USPS Network Consolidation Plan: What’s at Stake for Southern Oregon

The USPS Network Consolidation Plan: What’s at Stake for Southern Oregon, Save the Post Office, Steve Hutkins In 2023, two years into the 10-year plan, USPS reported that the agency had committed $7.6 billion out of a total $40 billion restructuring budget and plans were on track to open 60 new Regional Processing and Distribution Centers across the country […]

USPS Optimized Collections – The threat to election mail and other risks

I have noticed Angry Bear picks up many readers when it features commentary by Steve Hutkins from “Save The Post Office.” Steve Hutkins, Mark Jamison, Save The Post Office and I go back a number of years. We would like to hear from USPS workers. Use an anonymous name if you are concerned about repercussions. […]

The mail slows down, again

A pretty damning report detailing Louis DeJoy’s failure and his program’s failure to replicate mail delivery or improve mail delivery which was the goal. by Steve Hutkins Save The Post Office As you have probably noticed from personal experience and reading the news, the Postal Service is having a difficult time delivering on time. Mail […]

USPS tells regulator, “mind your own regulations”

This has been going on several years now and Angry Bear has been featuring Steve Hutkins from Save The Post Office and also former North Carolina Postmaster Mark Jamison. The battle goes on as big business through Louis DeJoy attempt to bring their vision of how a Post Office should be managed. The USPS is […]

USPS tells regulator, “Mind your own regs”

USPS tells regulator, “Mind your own regulations.” Save the Post Office, Steve Hutkins The Postal Service has started off the New Year by refusing to answer important questions about its 10-year plan, Delivering for America. Earlier this week, the Postal Service told the Postal Regulatory Commission that its latest information request was outside the statutory […]

USPS implementation of the Delivering for America plan Status

I have followed Steve Hutkins and retired Postmaster Mark Jamison for years now. Both Mark and I have had conversations both on and off Angry Bear. It appears we are nearing the end of the reconstruct of the USPS. Whether it works as well shy 50,000 employees with the expectation civilians on their own can […]

Despite Potential to Electrify 90 Percent of Routes, USPS Still Plans to Deliver Pollution with the Mail

I came across this article on Steve Hutkins’ “Save the Post Office.” There has been a political effort to redefine the USPS into more of a business model and something it was never meant to be. Right now, the USPS is beginning to reimage its model and existence as led by Postmaster Louis Dejoy. There […]

GAO: EV Infrastructure: USPS Plan for Potential Workplace Charging

GAO: Electric Vehicle Infrastructure: USPS Should Plan for Potential Workplace Charging – Save the Post Office Introduction Part of the plan as referred to in Steve Hutkins’ “EVs and S&DCs: USPS says you can’t have one without the other” was to have EV charging capabilities at the local post offices which would be available to […]