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The Robert’s Supreme Court flips Chevron

What Chief Justice Roberts is saying is the justices know more than the scientists and engineers know. This was done in a decision which the agency experts immediately criticized. The issue being potentially undermining decisions by scientists and the very same agency experts. The 6-3 and 6-2 decisions brought by fishing operators in New Jersey and Rhode […]

Are the conservative Justices playing politics?

Probably, and that’s bad for straightforwardly political reasons.  Arrogant, naively moralistic Justices would be much less effective. Last week the conservative court preserved access to the critical abortion drug mifepristone.  But they relied on a procedural technicality and thus preserved their ability to limit use of the drug after the upcoming election.  Refusing to reach […]

Borrowers Using Payday Lenders Will Be Much Safer in 2025

Yeah, it is another legal/court commentary. This one is about borrowers using Payday lenders. The ruling is expected to take effect in 2025. I am sure borrowers having to use Payday Lenders are thrilled to wait till March 2025. Supreme Court ruling in May, the federal government is expected to get tougher on regulating payday lenders […]

“Supreme Court Justices Accepted Hundreds of Gifts Worth Millions of Dollars”

by Fix the Court AB: April 2023 Propublica reported on the largesse of outsiders and their generous nature of their gift giving to SCOTUS. June 2024 and we are again hearing of the propensity of the gift givers to SCOTUS and in particular Justice Clarence Thomas. If only they acted in the same way with […]

Another Clarence Thomas faux pas

Taken from the “SCOTUS Blog” and originally published at “Howe on the Court.” Usually if I am going to read about SCOTUS, I go to the SCOTUS Blog. There I find up to date information about what it is doing and what is left for it to decide upon. In 2024, there are some important […]

Ethics at SCOTUS? No one will challenge the run-amuck Justices Any Time Soon

I decided to take a break from the recital of numbers on the economy, energy, or population and look elsewhere for something to feature. I spent some time at Slate’s The Best of the Fray. It was heavily populated with people who could really discuss the issues and the law. Not so numbers oriented like […]

Supreme Court watchers mollified themselves (and others) with vague promises 

Dahlia Lithwick and Joseph Stern as taken from Slate Good read as one can see how the SCOTUS 5 or 6 are twisting the logic of Constitution first and portraying the president into something more reasonable. Military swears first to the Constitution. This is a very strange read for myself. Others may not find it […]

Oral argument December 23 2023, Harrington v. Purdue Pharma

Court conflicted over Purdue Pharma bankruptcy plan that shields Sacklers from liability, SCOTUSblog, Amy Howe. Conflicted? There is nothing to be conflicted about with Purdue and the US Opioid Epidemic. As was pointed out repeatedly. The Supporting Facts Leading to the Cause of the Opioid Epidemic is pretty simple. Purdue promoted the use of opioids […]

Payday Lenders Gave Millions to Republicans Backing Efforts to Destroy CFPB

These people are the lowest of the scum. They were always a shady type of business. There efforts were to target low-income neighborhoods. There actions are to keep their customers victims on a never-ending cycle of dependence through predatory practices. The high-interest rates and fees makes it difficult for borrowers to repay the loan. It […]