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Texas’s revolutionary law

I came across an excellent post by Infidel753 who happens to blog at a site of the same name. I believe Infidel gives a sound rendition of the issues with the Texas recent abortion law and SCOTUS court’s reaction to it. The issue of “standing” is made by Infidel in his recital of the issues. […]

Tic Tac Toe, Supreme Court style

(This was first posted February 21, 2008.) Bribes, payola, favor of the physical kind? Forget-about it. Just put the right person in the appropriate agency, preferably a person from the line of business the agency is to regulate. But, for extra insurance over the long haul, with a little luck of timing you get to […]

Republicans and McConnell’s Lies

Nine Supreme Court vacancies in place during election years in SCOTUS’s post – Civil War era. It is simple, Republicans as led by McConnell lied to the American people. McConnell would call out to Democrats stating “the American voters” want truthful politicians. Has McConnell been truthful to “the American People?” 2016: McConnell’s Lies: “I believe the overwhelming […]

Who Is Replacing Justice Ruth Ginsburg?

DAILY KOS’s Joan Mc Carter gives an excellent rundown on trump’s two dumpster candidates (Amy Coney Barrett and  Barbara Lagoa) for SCOTUS to replace Justice Ruth Ginsburg. Putting their names in the same  sentence as Justice Ruth Ginsburg’s should not diminish her but it does not preclude how low Repubs will stoop to achieve their […]

Just a “stab at humor”

The ACLU’s Ría Tabacco Mar reviewed a recent SCOTUS decision in the NYT. South Dakota is being allowed to murder a man rather than commit him to a life time of hell in a natural life sentence . Charles Rhines was convicted of murdering a man while robbing a Dunkin Donut store he used to […]

Is the $8.5 billion Foreclose and Fraud Settlement Enough of a Penalty?

by run75411 Update: Besides not prosecuting particulars who promulgated much of 2008, what makes this settlement bad is letting banks off the hook: “In the settlement announced Monday between the Federal Reserve, the Comptroller of the Currency and ten of the largest banks and other mortgage providers, the government gives up the right to prosecute banks […]

SCOTUS Chastises Congress and the Executive Branches

by run 75411Update:  Beverly Mann adds this note lifted from comments: The Supreme Court is rarely in session. It’s seasonal, part-time work. They usually hear argument in 10 cases a month, seven months a year. In December, they didn’t hear even that many.There’s really sooo much that can, and should, be said about the issue […]

Opponents Into Frenzy

by Barkley Rosserre-posted from Econospeak with permission from the author Lack Of Market Reaction To SCOTUS Ruling On Obamacare Sends Opponents Into Frenzy The day before yesterday, former Obama advisor Austan Goolsbee published a column in the Wall Street Journal entitled “The Supreme Court Rules, The Market Yawns,” noting only a small drop in the […]