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Ethics at SCOTUS? No one will challenge the run-amuck Justices Any Time Soon

I decided to take a break from the recital of numbers on the economy, energy, or population and look elsewhere for something to feature. I spent some time at Slate’s The Best of the Fray. It was heavily populated with people who could really discuss the issues and the law. Not so numbers oriented like […]

Limiting the Environmental Protection Agency’s ability to protect wetlands

Pretty good article on the environment and SCOTUS saying its ok to obliterate a wetland for a house. Except Alito suggests we should do more! Brett Kavanaugh: Supreme Court EPA Ruling Could Risk Water Quality, businessinsider, Kelsey Vlamis “the majority was ignoring precedent and jeopardizing water quality in the US.” Supreme Court ruling issued Thursday […]

Justice ‘Misleadingly’ Quotes Lawrence Tribe in Roe Ruling

This could also be entitled; “leaving society largely intact” which is what the SCOTUS gang of six are selling to the rest of us. And to which a misquoted Lawrence Tribe exposes. Initially, I started at HuffPost and left feeling there must be more to this. I found it in another publicayion. Mary Papenfuss has […]