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The Great Medicaid Disenrollment, An Update

Angry Bear had written about the forthcoming state Medicaid-Purge the later part of May. The reason for the purge of many Medicaid enrollees was the ending of Joe Biden’s pandemic Medicaid enrollment program. It was a much needed program during the pandemic if one could not afford healthcare insurance and did not have Medicaid. Not […]

New Deal democrats Weekly Indicators for May 29 – June 2

Weekly Indicators for May 29 – June 2 at Seeking Alpha  – by New Deal democrat My “Weekly Indicators” post is up at Seeking Alpha. Much like yesterday’s employment report, which showed a deep bifurcation between the Establishment and Household Surveys, the economy as a whole is also showing a deep bifurcation between elements well into recessionary […]

Initial claims: revisions rear their ugly head again

Initial claims: revisions rear their ugly head again  – by New Deal democrat Revisions are a permanent hazard in reporting on economic data. That was very much in evidence in this week’s jobless claims report. Not only was last week’s number revised down by -17,000, but the initial report of 264,000 two weeks ago is […]

Why Biden’s Domestic Content Incentives Matter

This is a pretty good take on what the administration is attempting to do in the US with regard to manufacturing. With some help from Republicans, this could be a change in the US for labor. Labor’s input in manufacturing raw materials and finished product would result in increased income. Much pf Labor could be […]

Biden’s First Meeting Remarks with Republican Congressional Leaders

I wish Biden’s advisors had given him some dialogue rebutting McCarthy’s plan for cuts in programs. It is this type of jawboning which make convince some, not all, citizens the need to change their minds. What is the harm, Republicans will bring to the economy over and above what the FED will incur on Labor. […]

The Constitution, Obama and raising the debt ceiling

In an effort to slow down the severe recession as well as the persistently high unemployment rate following the 2007-08 Financial Crisis, the government increased federal spending. As a result, the federal debt reached its limit on multiple occasions from 2008 to 2011 which led to a series of increases of the debt limit. In 2011, […]

More on the Debt Limit

This Hill article was up on Naked Capitalism’s Links this morning. More of the Democrats urging extreme caution in pursuing the 14th Amendment as a solution to a debt limit which is an agreement between parties and not a requirement. One could always print more money to resolve the issue also. Meanwhile, citizens having little […]

Credit conditions worsen, and likely to worsen further due to Debt Ceiling Debacle II

Credit conditions worsen, and likely to worsen further due to Debt Ceiling Debacle II  – by New Deal democrat The Senior Loan Officer Survey, which measures credit on offer by banks, and the demand for credit by their customers, was released yesterday afternoon for Q1, and the news – unsurprisingly – was not good. Credit conditions […]