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What Can be Done With This House of Representatives ?

Obviously the only thing any reasonable person would do is point and laugh at the Republicans. I am not that reasonable person, so I will try to think of a solution. Obviously one very boring possibility is that the Republicans will finally get their act together and elect a speaker. This is the most likely […]

Open Thread August 3, 2023 Climate v Economy

Survey (NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist) finds 53% of Americans think addressing climate crisis should be given priority and 72% of Republicans say the economy should be. June and July were, by many measures, the hottest such months on record. Wildfires are raging across the world, in the US notably in California and Nevada. Smoke from fires in Canada has blotted […]

‘Where You Belong’ or Where Freedom Rings

I am not sure I would belong in this particular hell created by a newly elected Ottawa, Michigan County Board. The title (above [in case you forgot where it is]) change (left to right) embraces the newly elected leadership thoughts on how to run a county. The county can be found on the southwest side […]

DeSantis’s Sales Pitch to “legal” Venezuelan Immigrants to get them on the Planes

The Martha Vineyard pamphlet given to legal Venezuelan immigrants in the US. Florida (as if you did not know where he rules!) Governor DeSantis’s motive was to convince the immigrants to get on the plane in Texas (a suburb of Florida) to go to paradise another city where they could get jobs, cash for eight […]

Eastman’s Memo giving Pence Direction on Overturning the 2020 Election

I did not believe I would have to put this up on Angry Bear. Prof. Heather Cox – Richardson in her Letter From An American, October 11, 2021; The Eastman memo, uncovered by Bob Woodward and Robert Costa at the end of September in their new book Peril, flew largely under the radar screen, explained away […]