DeSantis’s Sales Pitch to “legal” Venezuelan Immigrants to get them on the Planes

The Martha Vineyard pamphlet given to legal Venezuelan immigrants in the US. Florida (as if you did not know where he rules!) Governor DeSantis’s motive was to convince the immigrants to get on the plane in Texas (a suburb of Florida) to go to paradise another city where they could get jobs, cash for eight months, vocational skill training, etc. They were not told the location of this paradise.

Just hop on the bus, we don’t need to discuss much. And get yourself free.

Instead of Boston as some of them thought. They ended up in “Martha’s Vineyard.” No surprise at all to me, the citizens of Martha’s Vineyard took them in, gave them shelter, thing they need, and fed them.

Just so you know what Florida Governor “Ronald Dion DeSantis, was offering the legal immigrants the detail is in the pamphlet below. I have left it big so readers and commenters can read it. Click on it to enlarge if needed.

As told by CBS8, Florida’s Freedom First Budget allocates $12 million for a program to “transport unauthorized aliens” out of the state. This includes places such as Martha’s Vineyard, Harris’s residence, maybe Biden’s home, etc. Here again, not sure if you can call them unauthorized if the immigrants are legal as declared by the government.

It appears Florida may have dug a legal hole for themselves which not even the honorable Judge Aileen Cannon can fill in for the Republican Governor to give him standing with his eyes above ground level.

As reported by Crooks and Liars, Vertol Systems Company Inc. (Destin, Florida aviation Co.) was awarded $615,000 by the Florida Department of Transportation for a “relocation program of unauthorized aliens.” Again, there is the word “unauthorized.”

Vertol Systems Company Inc. has an interesting background which you can capture at Crooks and Liars and also look at VSC‘s website. One of VSC’s other missions is to provide Russian made helicopters so the US military can experience going against them. They were unable to certify functionality of the helicopters and they lost the contract. It appears to have ties to European countries too.

Vertol Systems Company CEO, James Montgomerie donated $2700 to Matt Gaetz in 2016, and $5,000 to “North Florida Neighbors” in 2017, a PAC set up to support Gaetz.

Shipping records obtained by Forensic News support this claim. Most of the records indicate that VSC was importing parts and equipment from a little-known Ukrainian company called Avexcom. Avexcom does not appear to have a website and its shareholder is a Ukrainian lawyer who has registered numerous companies.

Other bills of lading, however, show that VSC has imported helicopters directly from Russian government-owned corporations. Six helicopters from the Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant in Russia’s Far East district of Buryatia. Forty-eight million was the cost according to the bill of lading. I think they probably found that cost somewhere else. Forensic News and C&L has some pretty good info on DeSantis’s bed partner.

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