There is a proper response to this travesty

Tonight, I wish to pull a response from one of my favorite bloggers. It is a good read. I think you will enjoy it too after enduring all of the BS coming out of SCOTUS. Then there is the Republican caused national crisis. It is the proper response to both issues.

There is only one proper response to this travesty,” Hullabaloo, digby, on June 24, 2022

Vote out the right-wing miscreants

digby; We can’t do much about the Supreme radicals but we can stop the right wing from doing even more damage. This is on Mitch McConnell more than any other single person. When he refused to even hold a hearing for Merrick Garland, thus holding that seat open so the wingnuts anti-abortion zealots would even vote for the orange libertine, he sealed our fate. There would be no Gorsuch and Anthony Kennedy would not have retired if Hillary Clinton were president. (If he did, he would have been replaced by someone more liberal.) We would have a at least a 5-4 court to uphold Roe today if Mitch had not blown up all norms in service of his own power.

It’s vitally important that Democrats do everything they can to prevent these Republicans from winning majorities and the presidency. This court is going to do their worst but if the Democrats can control the other two branches there are ways they can mitigate some of the worst excesses on a national level. And they have to work hard in their states to deprive these anti-democratic far right Republicans of power to dominate from the minority. It’s a grave situation but it isn’t hopeless. But it’s going to require that everyone gets out of their funk from Trump and the pandemic and re-engage immediately. It’s a matter of survival.

Josh Marshall puts it this way:

As I wrote last month here and reiterated in this Times oped earlier this month, this is the one path to reviving Roe’s protections. Get 48 Senators on the record clearly and publicly promising to pass a Roe law in January 2023 and change the filibuster rules to make that possible. That puts abortion rights and Roe protections clearly on the ballot. It’s not a certain path by any means. But it is certainly the only path available right now.

By the way:

Nearly two-thirds of Americans said they are more likely to back candidates who support the right to abortion in the November midterm elections, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll conducted on Tuesday.

The poll of 998 voters also found that a plurality of Americans – 41% – said the country would be a worse place to live if the U.S. Supreme Court overturned the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision that established the right to abortion nationwide.

It was conducted hours after the publication of a draft opinion by the top court signaling that the justices were ready to do just that. The court on Tuesday confirmed that the opinion was authentic but also said that it was not final. read more

Some 63% of respondents, including 78% of Democrats and 49% of Republicans, said they were more likely to support candidates who support abortion rights in the Nov. 8 election that will determine control of Congress for the next two years.

That certainly seems like something to work with.

Me: This is the meat of digby’s commentary today. I did not include two tweets. To digby’s point. If what is happening this week does not anger people, wanting to vote these jackasses out, I do not know what will.