Dead Men Walking: a Handy Post Republican Debate Metric

I didn’t watch the debate but still managed to develop a resulting measure to divide the live and the dead. Take if for what it is worth or treat this as an Open Thread on all things Political.

If after last night you are still polling behind Hibernating Ben Carson you are more the Limping Dead than Walking Dead. Meaning Kasich, Bush and maybe Christie need to get out of this before their decaying flesh starts stinking out the joint.

As to the JV Table. Huckabee and Santorum need at least a third place in Iowa to avoid being laughed out of anything but a future Fox Gig. Fiorina needs at least a fourth place somewhere to avoid immediate relegation to the Veepstakes. I don’t see any of that happening. There are maybe four tickets out of New Hampshire with the fourth one being for a seat in the Second Class coach. And Bush, Kasich and Christie will be scrapping for that one.

What does all this mean for Dozing Dr. Carson? Who knows? Don’t wake him up and spoil the dream.

Did I say Open Thread? Meant to.