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The last dissent of Thurgood Marshall: the Rule of Law vs. the transitory Edicts of 5-4 Court majorities

The last dissent of Thurgood Marshall: the Rule of Law vs. the transitory Edicts of 5-4 Court majorities  – by New Deal democrat Daniel Kiel at the TPM Cafe, on the supreme differences between Clarence Thomas and his predecessor, Thurgood Marshall, writes: “Thurgood Marshall, … in his final opinion before retiring after a quarter century on the […]

Know Nothings = No Labels?

How the 19th-Century “Know Nothing” Party Reshaped American Politics, Smithsonian Magazine, Lorraine Boissoneault. Over 150 years ago, the Know-Nothings started their drive to change the country and lead it in a different direction to a probable takeover. I see similarities in tactics and direction to what is happening with the No Labels. Their appeal is very […]

Environmental and Policy Impacting Mother Earth and Us

The History of Earth Day,, Jenn Savedege. The first Earth Day was celebrated on April 22, 1970. The event and which some consider to be the birth of the environmental movement. Founded by United States Senator Gaylord Nelson. Nelson chose the April date to coincide with spring while avoiding most spring break and final […]

Expanding Medicaid to people in prison

XCons have a tough enough time adjusting to the outside without being denied access to healthcare. It is an adjustment period, they have little power, and they are taken advantage of once released from prison. Denial of healthcare is just another issue on top of all the other issues they face when getting back into […]

FTC and Congress Put PBMs on Notice

FTC and Congress Put PBMs on Notice – AAF ( The conclusion of the Congressional Plan Much of this post in a copy and past. However, the conclusion is mostly mine. I am starting out with the conclusions and actions of Congress to which the author claims could result in fewer PBMs and increasing prices. […]

Arrest warrant moot for kidnapping of Emmett Till

One may think this is a dead issue. It may be for law enforcement and White Americans. If you go to the News Break site, you will see over 190 comments concerning the murder of the young black boy Emmett Till and the subsequent failure to question Mrs. Roy Bryant (Carolyn Bryant Donham). Her comments […]

The Economic Cost of Gun Violence

Since I pulled this article from Everytown, here is a bit of information about it. “We are the largest gun violence prevention organization in America. Made up of more than six million mayors, moms, teachers, survivors, gun owners, students, and everyday Americans who have come together to make their communities safer.” I am guessing there is […]


Back before, municipal and state governments, pension funds, etc. mostly invested in financials of the manufacturing sort. Then, America was in the manufacturing business. An issuing manufacturer was contractually bound to hand over the return owed. The investors were entitled. If they didn’t get their entitle, it was, ‘”see you in court.” In 2023, in […]

Ethical Behavior, Politics, and SCOTUS

It was, maybe, the late eighties and I was at Oscar Mayer buying packaging for products such as Lunchables, hot dogs, bacon, etc. and the labels. This buy included the graphics. Management thought they were overwhelming me. Indeed, I was thriving having commandeered on OM Wiener mo-jet to visit suppliers in Minnesota and Massachusetts. I […]