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Trumps Poor Showing in New Hampshire and Iowa

Trump’s poor showing in New Hampshire, Robert Reich. Friends, As I noted earlier today, the mainstream media is falling over itself in seeming awe of Trump’s “powerful” campaign. The truth is just the opposite. Last week, he won fewer than 7 percent of registered voters in Iowa. Trump’s success in last week’s Iowa caucuses wasn’t […]

Why is Boeing such a shitty corporation?

 A key factor in many manufacturing companies is the outsourcing of the manufacturing of components which the parent company has become expert in creating, manufacturing, and quality control of components. Unless a company’s employee is to be on site, it is difficult to ensure the quality of manufacture. The outsourced company does not have the […]

No Labels, no fables, no third-party betrayals

In 2016, we had the Clinton v trump election. And trump won via three states swinging to the Repub vot via the anybody but trump or Clinton. There is not argument here and I have presented the data several times. Disney characters, other nonliving entities, pets, and other characters were voted for in the national […]

Why the Democrats’ love affair with ‘free trade deals’ is over

I believe the key words here are taking a break from free trade. Mostly too, I believe the free-trade-motif (so to speak) has been used enough times to line the pockets of the upper income percentile. Time for a change. While labor has disappeared to overseas facilities, the nation has not moved in a direction […]

How the Super Rich Are Killing Social Security

How the Super Rich Are Killing Social Security, Robert Reich Blog, Robert Reich Since Angry Bear has a well known expert on Social Security in the name of Dale Coberly, I like to post other commentary on the topic. Robert Reich suggests increasing the salary limit well beyond 2023’s $160, 200 cap. He proposes eliminating […]

Freya’sday Five Elements …

Freya’sday Five Elements … I caught up with Reich’s Substack Commentary by Robert Reich on Homeless on the Desert. June 16, 2023 in g’da said New to the blogroll lineup, from Robert Reich’s Substack and the Smirking Chimp The Washington Post calls Trump’s vision for a second term “authoritarian.” That vision includes mandatory stop-and-frisk. Deploying the military to fight street crime, break […]

Looking Beyond Election Day

NYT Robert Reich calls our attention to post election 2012 life and political realities: Looking Beyond Election Day By Robert Reich, Robert Reich’s Blog Most political analysis of America’s awful economy focuses on whether it will doom President Obama’s reelection or cause Congress to turn toward one party or the other. These are important questions, […]