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Job Openings Jump 12% to Another Record in April

Record High Job Quitting; Record Low Layoff Rate, MarketWatch 666, AB Commenter and Blogger RJS The Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey (JOLTS) report for April from the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated seasonally adjusted job openings jumped by by 998,000, from 8,288,000 in March to 9,286,000 job openings in April, after March’s record job openings were […]

It’s crunch time. Just a little reminder from Ross

Just a little reminder for everyone.  It’s not just his “giant sucking sound” comment.  It’s the time frame he noted, and the advantages to a business going to a foreign nation.  Well, tomorrow is the Fast Track vote and there are some dem’s who are not taking the threat of loosing their job seriously enough.

Rapacious, monopolistic robotic,

Krugman changes his mind Naked Capitalism In a recent post Krugman says the following Paul Krugman is Wrong about the Rise of the Robots Wapo Reminds me of conscious capitalism from Tyler Cowen’s review Conscious Capitalism Mish Shedlock Robotic surgeons

The Disease of the 21st Century…

Via AlterNet, Lynn Parramore describes: Job Insecurity: It’s the Disease of the 21st Century — And It’s Killing Us A massive, Xanax-fueled public health crisis driven by chronic employment worry is headed our way. Remember Dilbert, the mid-level, white-collar Cubicle Guy of the ’90s who could never seem to get ahead? In the 21st century, […]

The Job Market, Finding Qualified Applicants, and HR

by Mike Kimel I had a few posts noting that not long ago, I took a severance package from my most recent employer. Put another way, I’m now unemployed. Since then I’ve been looking for a new job. However, in recent weeks I’ve started taking consulting work, and I’m starting to lean more toward consulting. […]

Clinton Global Initiative 2011

As with last year and the year before, I will be (as much as possible) at the Clinton Global Initiative, now with even more Social Media and Networking Goodness. If you’re here, say hello. If you’re not, look for posts and peruse the offerings for the conference. If there’s something you’re especially interested in, email […]

Jobs as the Measure of Economic Success, and Rick Perry’s Texas

by Linda Beale Jobs as the Measure of Economic Success, and Rick Perry’s Texas We have had a warped sense of how to measure economic success in this country at least since George W. Bush started talking about the “ownership” society.  Of course, we should have guessed that moniker was problematic from the start, since […]

Topical thread…What is a good job?

I suggest these questions, but this is not a question about ideal jobs in imagination but real jobs that are attainable. I think all of us have some notion of what elements constitute a ‘good’ job in the broad perspective (policy and macro), and given human nature varies according to personal goals, age, and circumstance. […]