59% of People Retaining Medicaid Coverage Were Renewed Through Ex Parte Processes 

Medicaid Renewals

Of the people retaining Medicaid Coverage as of April 11, 2024 . . . Fifty-nine percent were renewed on an ex parte basis while 41% were renewed through a renewal form, though rates varied by state. Federal rules require states to first try to complete administrative (or “ex parte”) renewals by verifying ongoing eligibility through available data sources. Sources such as state wage databases. Doing this before they send a renewal form or requesting documentation from an enrollee.

Retaining Medicaid State by State

Fifty-nine percent of the people retaining Medicaid Coverage were able to retain Medicaid Through Ex Parte Processes. April 11, 2024.

As seen again and again, Texas does their best to eliminate those benefiting from Medicaid. If they accepted it, the Feds pay most of Medicaid.

Medicaid State Costs

“Medicaid spending is shared by the federal government and states and includes spending for eligible enrollees for qualified services. Of the $728 billion in total Medicaid spending in FFY 2021, states paid 31% and the federal government paid 69%. ” Medicaid Financing: The Basics | KFF

It is still a long way from providing healthcare to all as Single Payer would do.

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