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Watching the BA.2 “bump”

Coronavirus dashboard for April 13: watching the BA.2 “bump” The BA.2 “bump” (h/t Dr. Eric Topol) is upon us (and hopefully a “bump” is all it is). Let’s take a look at where we stand. Cases bottomed 8 days ago at 28,378. As of yesterday, they had increased to 32,835: Hospitalizations have continued to decline, […]

Increasing Costs are driving Insurers and Systems Apart

Some History 2014: A frenzy of hospital mergers into ACOs as detailed by Philip Longman and Paul Hewitt could leave many families having lesser amounts of healthcare paid for by healthcare insurance due to healthcare industry consolidation leading to higher prices. We have seen this happen with higher prices for insurance plans, increased deductibles, and […]

Safe Healthcare Outcomes for Women Giving Birth

April 2019, I wrote on the topic of A Woman’s Right to Safe Healthcare Outcomes as asked by one organization a woman at ConsumerSafety.Org. It took me forever as I had to acquire greater understanding of the issues. In the end it was well received even though I did not feel it did the topic […]

Snippets of News Worth Reading and their Backup

Just a collection of articles which come to my email box from various sources. Many of them I read and just let go by. Posted snippets of them to attract interest. Some I write about such as Student Loans, Healthcare, etc. “Mask-Wearing Will Continue in Some Situations: Polls,” MedScape Even as the COVID-19 threat seems […]

Wrong Side of the Escalator

“We’re Running Up the Wrong Side of the Escalator” | MedPage Today, Shikha Jain, MD, March 23, 2022 It is Women’s History Month in March and something I fatally did not know until this morning when I pulled this article up in my inbox. My daughter is a teaching nurse in Colorado and has run […]

Healthcare Reads and News

The not – so – latest healthcare articles to arrive in my inbox. Pay attention to the xpostfactoid piece. What Andrew is detailing is there is assistance in getting better plans offering lower cost as defined by President Joe Biden’s Rescue Plan. People are not taking advantage of those discounts for lower cost healthcare insurance. […]

14.5 million in the ACA due to American Rescue Plan

January 2021 finds 14.5 million people having healthcare plans due to Joe Biden’s American Rescue Plan Act. As commenter “Arne” pointed out, this represents an increase of ~2.98 million more people insured under the ACA. Even the other Joe voted for it. Manchin that is. Kind of catching up with old news here. Earlier this […]