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Coronavirus dashboard for September 7: the slow ebbing on the way to endemicity continues

“Coronavirus dashboard for September 7: the slow ebbing on the way to endemicity continues” I promised a COVID update, so I suppose I ought to follow through. Let’s start today with a graph of South Africa’s cases and deaths for the past year: South Africa is where BA.1 and BA.4&5 originated. You can see the […]

How Much Does The ARP/IRA Lower Health Insurance Premiums Now?

In 2020, after Democrats had retaken control of the House of Representatives, the third version of the larger bill managed to actually pass the House under the more reasonable title of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Enhancement Act. Of course, it didn’t even get a vote in the Senate. In early 2021, a temporary version of this bill by […]

“Finally, Some Accountability for Medicare Advantage Ads”

This was sent to me by Dale Coberly. I was wondering why Dale was sending me trash advertisements. Skimmed it and then it dawned on me. Much of this advertising is made to sway people’s minds to do something. It is the type of advertising I sometimes wish to throw a shoe at the 65-inch […]

What the IRA could mean for PBMs

“What the Inflation Reduction Act means for PBMs” Times of News This is a strange little article trying to fill a gap in knowledge. The italicized sentences are mine. It does make some sound points on PBMs so I kept it. If you can get into Seeking Alpha or Modern Healthcare, you may find a […]

Does The IRA Lower YOUR Health Insurance Premiums?

Let’s answer the question. I am going to break this up into several segments as it takes into consideration multiples of people, income, etc. I think it will be easier to absorb. A well-known expert in MIchigan has put together the answers. This is Part 1 – Single Individuals “How much does the #IRA lower […]

MA Plans are Scamming Billions from Medicare

“Major Insurers Are Scamming Billions from Medicare, Whistle-Blowers Say” – PNHP, John Tozzi, Bloomberg, April 12, 2022 Teresa Ross had been raising objections at work for months when her bosses brought in a psychologist hoping to make her question her own sanity. A longtime manager at a Seattle health plan called Group Health Cooperative, Ross had opposed […]

Seniors’ Medicare Benefits Are Being Privatized Without Their Consent

An Introduction Ok, What is or who is The Lever? “The Lever, formerly known as The Daily Poster, is a reader-supported investigative news outlet that holds accountable the people and corporations manipulating the levers of power. The organization was founder and owner is David Sirota, an award-winning journalist and Oscar-nominated writer who served as the presidential campaign […]

Coronavirus dashboard for August 24: the post BA.5 wave respite

Coronavirus dashboard for August 24: the post BA.5 wave respite In general, things are headed in the right direction for now in the pandemic. BIobot’s latest wastewater update from one week ago shows a 1/3rd decline in COVID particles nationwide. Here’s the regional breakdown: The West, spearheaded by CA, is down 50%, and the South […]