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Jimmy Hoffa’s dream versus Jimmy Hoffa’s worst nightmare

As a former union member, Reader Denis Drew writes about Labor and Unions. You can read him at Angry Bear from time to time or at his Blog site: “On Today’s Page,” on todays page, Denis Drew. Jimmy Hoffa’s dream – Jimmy Hoffa’s worst nightmare First: Jimmy Hoffa’s medical labor market wet dream:   a) cannot […]

Mississippi lacks resources, says no to a federally funded child food program

Some morning economics in the states trying to rein in costs. Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves takes on a cut back on food for kids by not accepting a fully funded program. Tate looks like he could spare a few pounds except . . . Republican Governor Tate Reeves is declining to participate in the federal […]

The Big Crunch

Our current economic model, premised on profits and returns, consumption, and growth — on greed, has proven to be problematic for the environment, society, and governance.*   Over time, humans have inflicted grave damage to the land, forests, rivers, streams, and atmosphere. Some of this was in the interest of survival. A lot more was done […]

Biden-Harris Admin announces over 21.6M ACA enrollees thru 12/23

What Charles is telling us is the 21+ million new ACA enrollees is a record. What he also adds at the end of his commentary is this is not the final number. There are more uncounted enrollees to be added to this number from after Christmas. Record year for healthcare coverage. This is good news. […]

Number One of the top ten profiteers and dysfunctional in healthcare

Good commentary by Merrill Goozner. I subscribe to his site. He, I and others have gotten together and talked. Today? Merrill calls attention to the Lown Institute which publishes a list of the top ten baddies of profiteering and dysfunction in healthcare. Martin Shkreli made number one for 2023. I did ask if I can […]

Banks and Private Equity Cash in When Patients Can’t Pay

It is bad enough with high healthcare costs for doctors, hospitals, medicines, care, insurance, etc. But when all of them start to allow you credit so they can collect their moneys leaving you to fend for yourself, it becomes outrageous. A common interest rate for payment plans is 16% to 19% with private equity. It […]

In-Box Topics Which May Be of Interest

Another array of emails collecting in my In-Box offering up articles besides junk. Some interesting reads and others not so. Picked what I thought might be the best. Some are hawking subscriptions too. I like to subscribe to newsletters and magazines. The problem being never getting a chance to finish reading them all. Climate and […]

Medicaid Unwinding and Enrollment in Three Large Charts

An Updating of Medicaid disenrollments in the nation. Clicking on this tab – state data will take you to individual state numeric. Some states attack the issue of disenrollment with a relish even when the federal government is picking up most of the tab to enroll them. In the end, they will still show up […]

AbbVie Exploits Offshore Subsidiaries to Avoid US Taxes

Strictly a copy and paste of the Senate Finance Committee Chair Senator Ron Wyden Committee Report. I can not add to this other than say, repeal the 2017 Tax Act. Interim Report: Big Pharma Tax Avoidance Senate Finance Committee Investigation Reveals Extent to Which Pharma Giant AbbVie Exploits Offshore Subsidiaries to Avoid Paying Taxes on […]