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Abortion, eugenics and Kate Cox

Eugenics is the practice of arranging reproduction within a human population to increase the occurrence of heritable characteristics regarded as desirable. Setting aside who gets to decide which human traits are desirable and undesirable, we simply don’t know enough about the genetic basis for things like industriousness, fidelity, thrift, honesty and countless other human behaviors […]

Backwoods USA, Mom Sentenced to Two Years for helping Daughter

US mother sentenced to two years in prison for giving daughter abortion pills, Backwoods and Out Houses USA, The Guardian This is not horrific. It is what happens to people when there is no way out. The horrific part is the state which forces people to take any means possible. ~~~~~~~~ Jessica Burgess, a Nebraska […]

Democrats wrest control of Michigan Legislature for first time in almost 40 years

I lived in Michigan for 27 years having moved from Madison Wisconsin. If I had my choice, we would have stayed in Madison. It was damn cold in the winter. We were still able to do things though. Michigan was not quite the same. It was never really home for us. Just too many things […]

A Bit of History on the “Right to Vote”

This seems appropriate three days before an important election. Are we going to take back our right and not allow a minority to force their will upon a nation. Denying women, the right to decide was just one step in the process. I think we will take that right back. Professor Heather Cox – Richardson […]

Media’s ongoing lies about Merrick Garland

“The media’s ongoing lies about Merrick Garland are doing a lot more harm than you think” – Palmer Report, James Sullivan An interesting little blurb on the impact of the latest President Joe Biden administration (Merrick Garland) action reminding hospitals they must do abortions if the mother’s life is endangered. As taken from the Palmer […]

A Pure Exercise of Power to Reduce Women’s Freedom and Equality

“Ending Roe is a pure exercise of Republican power, wielded to reduce women’s freedom and equality” – Los Angeles Times (, Erwin Chemerinsky Freedom and equality have expanded enormously over the course of American history, which makes the ending of a constitutional right virtually unprecedented. In Dobbs vs. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, the court overruled […]

Outlawing Abortion, It is a costly Endeavor

Boston Public Radio May 19th episode held a discussion of the consequences for the nation when abortion is outlawed. The guest was Jonathan Gruber, the Ford Professor of Economics at MIT. He was involved with the ACA and the Mass health insurance system. Getting right to it: Based on studies: Women who wanted an abortion […]