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Simply following the “new precedent” established by Republicans

Probably told the story of meeting Senator Dick Durbin at Showdown in Chicago during the ABA Bankers Roaring Twenties dance convention at the Sheraton Chicago Hotel & Towers. Had asked him when were Dems going to take a stand and start acting like the party of the majority. Richard Trumka’s remarks are still up and […]

Democrats wrest control of Michigan Legislature for first time in almost 40 years

I lived in Michigan for 27 years having moved from Madison Wisconsin. If I had my choice, we would have stayed in Madison. It was damn cold in the winter. We were still able to do things though. Michigan was not quite the same. It was never really home for us. Just too many things […]

Letters from an American – October 29, 2022

“October 29, 2022“, Letters from an American, Prof. Heather Cox Richardson, (substack). “Democrats Aren’t Moving Left. They’re Returning to Their Roots.” The Democrats have been leftists for a long time, It took a while before they would come out as supporting Black America to the same level as White America. The column gives an accurate […]

Not With a Bang, but a Whimper… Democratic Party Edition. An Op Ed.

A presidential candidate like Donald Trump should not be viable. Candidates he supports should not be viable. The existence of Donald Trump should be a boon for the Democrats. And, in fact, it has been. But it hasn’t been enough. Perhaps four (or eight?) years worth of results will tip the balance for Democrats, but […]

Immigration, Democrats, Republicans and the NY Times

Tom Cotton, the junior United States Senator from Arkansas had a piece in the NY Times: President-elect Trump now has a clear mandate not only to stop illegal immigration, but also to finally cut the generation-long influx of low-skilled immigrants that undermines American workers. Yet many powerful industries benefit from such immigration. They’re arguing that […]

PRESS RELEASE: Angry Bear Offers Dem Pols Free Political Consulting Service. Free!

Here’s our offer.  It’s a very good offer.  And a serious one.  Seriously. (Yeah, I’m venting my frustration.) Who, the HELL, is running the House and Senate Campaign committees? My guess: People who have some personal or financial connection to the usual-suspect Dem consulting firms. Or who just can’t even imagine that, y’know, maybe it’s […]

Objective reality and intra-Dem debate

by Robert Waldmann On Ed Kilgore’s thoughts on Peter Beinart. He wrote: he mentions both the Washington Monthly and the New Republic (which he used to edit) as onetime journalistic bulwarks of the soon-to-be discarded Clintonism (and Obamism) that have now “moved left,” I would point out to him the not-exactly-distant-past March/April issue of WaMo […]