The Mad Dogs Who Didn’t Bark In the Nightime

One of the most reliable lazy pundit columns Democrats in disarray and the related warning that Democrats have to watch out for the damage done by the McGovern wing of the party. Lazy pundits have a problem as Democrats are in array and only aging boomers such as myself remember 1972 (even older boomer Michael Kinsley noted that it is odd that the party which nominated Richard Nixon isn’t the one constantly apologizing for the mistake they made in 1972).

The new warning is about the danger poseed by the squad. A problem is that the left most Demorats in Congress have not created any trouble for other Democrats. A challenge – when was the last time the Democrats had trouble whipping votes because of extremists. Another is how many minutes have passed since the Republicans had such trouble.

Let me review. One very close vote was on the ACA acts (plural). In the Senate, conservadems create a lot of trouble. The left more Democratic senator, Bernie Sanders, advocated single payer *and* promised that his vote was not in doubt. He (and Warren) have still not created any trouble for Reid or Schumer. Lefty representatives have also not created trouble. The closest was my (then representative Michael Capuano who threatened to vote against the ACA because there was no public option. In the end he voted yes. OK memories from long ago, but try to think of a case in which lefty Dems have created trouble for leadership and the establishment which is in any way similar to the trouble the Freedom Caucus is always creating.

All I can think of is Ilan Omar saying reasonable things which Republicans manage to claim are anti-semitic (I think reliably statements which would not be controversial if she weren’t moslem) and Rashica Tlaib speaking as a Palistinian. That is the trouble is that some Democrats are Moslems and therefore suspect. I just heard Tlaib denounced on MSNBC but I promise I was going to write this post anyway (really like soon, today, not putting it off longer until the TV gets me pissed off – I am not a procrastinator it just seems that way after weeks and weeks of putting things off).

On ther other hand, some themes refuse to die. Here we have Ezra Klein writing that, although Democrats are not in disarray now, they might be in disarray in the future. Klein notes that centrist establishment Democrats and progressive Democrats don’t agree on everything (shocked face). I think this (expecially considering the author) is proof that mere facts can never defeat the Demorats in Disarray cliche.

I will also soon (really soon I promise) write a post on “how far has the absorption of Ezra Kelin by the MSM Village VSP Borg proceeded.” I hope to type it before the process is complete (as in I hope the process will never be complete because he is smart and has been interesting).