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Wyoming: Hating The Obama, Loving The Care

ACASignups Charles Gaba: Among 10 states with the highest share of farmers, Wyoming uses the federal health insurance marketplace the most. This according to a new analysis by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. That marketplace is a virtual space for comparing plans and finding insurance often more affordable than elsewhere thanks to federal subsidies.  There are touches […]

Scamming People with Phony ACA Healthcare Insurance Plans

I am not surprised scamming like this is occurring. There are always people operating under false names or using corporate entities as a way to scam others. I think trump helped to open the door for much more of this to happen. Here are six different ways scamming has been happening. No funds passed . […]

Preventing prevention

Chances are everyone pays for Preventative Care in the overall cost of a policy. There is no obvious cost sharing. This is ridiculous argument on the part of the anti this and that healthcare insurance companies and those who believe the government goes too far in healthcare and then denies the care. Another Bad Moon […]

Trump administration’s Impact on the ACA and the marketplace: (Part 1)

The Trump administration and the ACA marketplace: An assessment (Part 1), xpostfactoid, Andrew Sprung. In the wake of Trump’s vow to repeal the ACA if elected, Larry Levitt, EVP of health policy at the Kaiser Family Foundation, outlines the former president’s past and purported future healthcare agenda. Trump certainly meant harm to the ACA. His comments […]

Biden-Harris Admin announces over 21.6M ACA enrollees thru 12/23

What Charles is telling us is the 21+ million new ACA enrollees is a record. What he also adds at the end of his commentary is this is not the final number. There are more uncounted enrollees to be added to this number from after Christmas. Record year for healthcare coverage. This is good news. […]

Biden Administration Taking Action To Limit Junk Healthcare Insurance

About half of this is original and the other half is a rewrite. Just explaining things more than the author. What President Joe Biden is doing is repealing trumps Short Term Healthcare Coverage which today is less than 365 days. This was extended from prior 3-month coverage (maximum 4 months) when Congress failed to repeal […]

Another Legal Challenge of the ACA Coming Out of Texas and the Fifth District

Cost-Free Preventive Care Under the ACA Faces Legal Challenge, JAMA | JAMA Network, Gregory Curfman, MD; Kirsten Bibbins-Domingo. The same federal Jackass judge in Texas who struck down the entire ACA (2018) has risen again. In this particular instance, he is taking aim at a core protection of the ACA or Cost-free preventive care. These […]

Facts about the ACA marketplace for 2023

I think I have this initial chart big enough so you can see it. I should not have to explain this as it is apparent what is happening with ACA (PPACA) healthcare insurance. The pricing decrease and stability shown is due to Joe Biden’s ARPA enhancing subsidies. The ARPA lower cost results are also increasing […]