Biden-Harris Admin announces over 21.6M ACA enrollees thru 12/23

What Charles is telling us is the 21+ million new ACA enrollees is a record. What he also adds at the end of his commentary is this is not the final number. There are more uncounted enrollees to be added to this number from after Christmas. Record year for healthcare coverage. This is good news.

BOOM: Biden-Harris Admin announces over 21.6M ACA enrollees thru 12/23, record high w/a week or more left to #GetCovered!, ACA Signups, Charles Gaba

Breaking via the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS):

Under the Biden-Harris Administration, Over 20 Million Selected Affordable Health Coverage in ACA Marketplace Since Start of Open Enrollment Period, a Record High

  • As January 16 coverage deadline approaches, Biden-Harris Administration continues to encourage Americans to sign up for quality, affordable health care coverage

Under the Biden-Harris Administration, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services announced today that over 20 million people have selected an Affordable Care Act (ACA) Health Insurance Marketplace plan since the 2024 Marketplace Open Enrollment Period launched on November 1 — a record number of enrollments.

Today’s data represents activity through December 23 (Week 8) for the 32 states using and for the 18 states and the District of Columbia with State-based Marketplaces. Total plan selections include more than 3.7 million people (18% of total) who are new to the Marketplaces for 2024, and 16.6 million people (82% of total) who had active 2023 coverage and selected a plan for 2024 coverage or were automatically re-enrolled.  Plan selections so far represent an impressive increase of over 8 million more people who have coverage since President Biden took office.

This is critical to note: The data in today’s press release only runs through December 23rd. This means that none of the additional folks who have enrolled since then, or who are continuing to sign up over the next week (or longer in some states) are included.

The 2024 Marketplace Open Enrollment Period runs from November 1, 2023, to January 16, 2024, for states using the platformConsumers who enroll by midnight on January 16 can get coverage that starts February 1, 2024. State-based Marketplace enrollment deadlines vary. State-specific deadlines and other information are available in the State-based Marketplace Open Enrollment Fact Sheet. 

Again, the final 2024 Open Enrollment Period (OEP) deadline is:

  • Jan. 15th in CO, CT, MD, MN, NV, NM, VT & WA;
  • Jan. 16th in all states as well as KY, ME & VA
  • Jan. 19th in PA
  • Jan. 23rd in MA
  • Jan. 31st in CA, DC, NY & RI

“Today is a momentous day. A record number of people in the United States have health care coverage through the Affordable Care Act’s Marketplace — more than at any point in history. More people with access to preventive care means a healthier country and lower health care costs across the board,” said HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra. “Quality health care gives people the peace of mind they need to participate fully in their communities, spend time with those they love, and pursue their part of the American Dream. President Biden promised increased access to affordable, quality care and these results show he is delivering for the American people. His leadership has been essential.”

“Today’s announcement means more than 20 million people have the security of knowing they have access to affordable health care in 2024. This is a connection to insulin, to high blood pressure medication, to all essential health benefits,” CMS Administrator Chiquita Brooks-LaSure said. “This year’s plan selection is a record-breaking achievement. It shows how far we’ve come and how much this Administration values and is continuing to build on the legacy of the Affordable Care Act nearly 14 years since it was first passed.”

The Biden-Harris Administration has continued its commitment to making health insurance available and affordable to everyone. The Inflation Reduction Act and the American Rescue Plan continue to keep Marketplace coverage more affordable. For this past enrollment cycle, the administration issued almost $100 million in Navigator Awards, allowing organizations to hire staff who are trained to help consumers find affordable, comprehensive health coverage. Navigators, as they are known, have been key to helping consumers enroll in quality health insurance plans in every Marketplace state.

The Biden-Harris Administration encourages all families to visit and check out the health care coverage options and savings available to them. Because of continuing provisions in the Inflation Reduction Act, CMS expects nine out of 10 customers to be eligible for savings. 

People with current coverage through are encouraged to return and shop to see if another plan better meets their needs at a lower cost.

Today’s release also underscores the importance of Marketplace coverage for people transitioning from Medicaid or the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) as states conduct Medicaid and CHIP renewals, which restarted in 2023. People who are no longer eligible for Medicaid or CHIP should visit to see if they are eligible to enroll in a low-cost, quality health plan today. 

Individuals will also benefit from a highly competitive Marketplace. More than 90% of enrollees will be able to choose among three or more plans. Standardized plan options are available and offer the same deductibles and cost sharing for certain benefits. These plans have the same out-of-pocket limits as other standardized plans within the same health plan category, making it easier for consumers to compare and choose plans. Most of these standardized plan options offer many services pre-deductible, including primary care, generic drugs, preferred brand drugs, urgent care, specialist visits, mental health and substance use outpatient office visits, as well as speech, occupational, and physical therapies.

Individuals can enroll or re-enroll in health insurance coverage for 2024 by visiting,, or by calling 1-800-318-2596 to fill out an application. 

Individuals wanting assistance signing up for coverage may go to Find Local Help on (or to find a Navigator, Certified Application Counselor, or agent or broker.

Here’s an overview of the year over year comparison. I had to adjust for the missing day (thru 12/23 instead of 12/24 last year). I’ve also had to adjust for the fact that Virginia moved from the federal exchange to its own platform this year:

I’ll break out the hard numbers in a separate blog entry, but it’s important to note again that the top line number, 20.35 million Open Enrollment Period Plan Selections, only runs through December 23rd and it also doesn’t include the roughly 1.3 million Basic Health Plan program enrollees in New York or Minnesota

This means that the actual total announced today is over 21.65 million enrollees nationally, and is still missing between 23 – 39 days of enrollees depending on the state.