Texas Rejecting the Rights of a Woman to Decide

I am probably going to anger some, a few I hope, as to my stance on the Kate’s rights to determine what she needs to do given the baby she is carrying will die. Kate has already gone to Texas court to gain permission to abort. A permission she should not need in the first place. As the Texas Tribune (December 7, 2023) cites:

“For the first time in at least 50 years, a judge has intervened to allow an adult woman to terminate her pregnancy.”

So in Texas, one judge has the integrity to allow a woman whose life is endangered (as sources state) to determine what she needs to do. One woman who expresses a desire (not the real issue) to have children is deciding. I saw the similar anguish by my wife when she lost her second pregnancy.

Meanwhile tough guy Texas State Attorney Ken Paxton “made public statements threatening to prosecute Cox, her doctor and hospitals where Cox might have an abortion, if an abortion proceeded before the [Texas Supreme Court] court ruled.”

Paxton also stated Dr. Karsan “failed to follow” hospital procedures for “determining whether Ms. Cox qualifies for the medical exception to Texas abortion laws.” He also said both the temporary restraining order and the lawsuit failed to “establish that Ms. Cox qualifies for the medical exception to Texas’ abortion laws.”

Charles “Rocky” Rhodes, a law professor at South Texas College of Law . . .

It’s uncertain whether this is true and hospitals definitely have some legal risk, but Paxton is “overstating his case.”

In other words, Paxton is making noise when it is readily apparent, there are issues with the woman’s pregnancy. And the courts must decide rapidly. Meanwhile, he is pushing for a rejection and throwing everything he can at it. Meanwhile, Kate’s health is in jeopardy.

Texas Supreme Court: Cox and her hospital have been placed in a very difficult situation after the Texas Supreme Court decided on Friday to temporarily stay a lower court’s ruling that would have allowed Cox’s abortion to take place. The delay will remain in place until the Texas Supreme Court has reached a decision, but it has not yet said when that will be.

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