Hospitals under stress in Rhode Island

One of the major considerations for us in where to settle when we moved to New England was being near high end health care. We lived for 40 years in St. Louis, which has multiple tertiary/quaternary care hospitals, including two academic health care centers. On the other hand, I watched as my parents, who lived for 20 years in rural upstate New York dealt with community hospitals, and when my mom was treated for multiple myeloma, she traveled four hours to Dana Farber in Boston.

While we are only about an hour from Boston, there are several hospitals here in Rhode Island, with physician groups affiliated with Brown University. But the façade of healthcare security is starting to crumble. Roger Williams and Fatima hospitals have been hemorrhaging money for the past several years, and the only buyer so far is an investment company in Atlanta with no experience in healthcare that proposes taking out $160 million in loans, not investing their own money.

Here’s a 12 minute video that summarizes the problem:

Rhode Island hospitals threatened with debt and closure