Abortion, IVF and the nanny state

Let’s be very clear: in vitro fertilization (IVF) results in far more zygotes than will ever be implanted. Further, pre-implantation testing means that some zygotes will be rejected. In the end, this means that millions of fertilized eggs will be discarded. That was always baked in the IVF cake.

For reasons that escape me as a PhD geneticist, some people believe that the cluster of cells that we call “zygotes” are the moral equivalent of a fully developed human being. For those folks, destroying zygotes is murder. In the Republican states that have declared that life begins at conception, IVF is ipso facto illegal. Which means that the “pro-life” right is anti-life.

Look, most human conceptions do not progress to live birth, which means that God is the greatest abortionist of all time. If forced birth is “pro-life,” then God is “pro-choice.”

This isn’t about religion; this is about controlling women. This is an economic issue, not just a personal one. When the state criminalizes reproductive choice and family formation, it affects the economy. Just ask any Chinese person.