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Energy Required (measured in equivalent of Gal of gas) Needed to manufacture a new car

I have been looking around to see if I can find some commentaries addressing whether it make sense to swap out an efficient gasoline powered vehicle for an EV. There are not many of commentaries out on the internet. This is one of several I found and it speaks in terms of energy provided by […]

New Deal democrats Weekly Indicators for June 3 – 7 2024

 – by New Deal democrat My “Weekly Indicators” post is up at Seeking Alpha.  The stock market was conflicted by yesterday’s jobs report, but the bond market’s verdict was unequivocal: ignore the unemployment rate; it was a strong report which will stay the Fed’s hand from raising rates.  Meanwhile, coincident economic data in particular continues to […]

In-Box Topics Over the Last Few Weeks

In-Box Topics as discovered in my In-Box and accumulate every week. I can’t post them all even though I read or scan them. Maybe you will enjoy them? Healthcare Politics Engaging Antiracist And Decolonial Praxis To Advance Equity In Oregon Public Health Surveillance Practices, Health Affairs, This has consequences for how communities of color are […]

Cooling? Or Red-Hot? Psst Labor Market

I am not going to put Preston Mui’s entire Labor Market Recap May 2024: Still Cool report from Employ America up on Angry Bear. Most of all, I wanted his summation of what he was seeing. He gives up his reasoning as to why the two surveys differ. It is an easy read if you […]

We have a serious problem: the two job surveys show two completely opposed economies

If you have been reading New Deal democrat’s over the weeks, you would already know the economy we have today is not for sure. The FED is holding the keys to a transition to a good economy favoring people or one that will punish people through no fault of their own. Houston, we have a […]

Saving Rural Hospitals and Strengthening Rural Healthcare

Center for Healthcare Quality and Payment Reform CHQPR I started reviewing rural hospitals a little over a year ago. Not much has changed. These smaller hospitals lack for resource and manpower because of their budget restraints. Services they provide may not be covered by a patient’s fees. As a result, they are always battling their budget. […]

Initial jobless claims now in a confirmed seasonal uptrend, but still positive for the economy

 – by New Deal democrat My “quick and dirty” economic status indicator is the stock market (still making new all-time highs) and initial jobless claims, which are also still positive for the economy despite being in an apparent uptrend. Last week initial claims rose 8,000 to 229,000, their second highest level in the past 9 […]

When it comes to the environment, there really is no such thing as a “good” car.

A guide to electric car misinformation (part 2) by Emily Atkin HEATED Contrasting EVs to gas powered vehicles. And will EVs be as bad or worst than gasoline powered vehicles. And some promoters of EVs go in the opposite direction over promoting EVs or what the article calls green washing EVS. Emily Atkin at HEATED […]