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We’ll Be Watching You

Mark Thoma finds this gem from the Columbia Business School Follies about Ben Bernanke … enjoy! Check this out: “Every Breath You Take,” by Dean Glenn Hubbard. It’s worth it (music video about Bernanke to the tune of “Every Breath You Take” – wmv file). Update: iTunes link (mp4).

High Gasoline Prices: Is Speaker Hastert a Socialist?

KLo suggests that Senator Kennedy is a socialist for telling Russert: And he ought to activate and call the Federal Trade Commission-which is basically a sleepy organization that has given an interim report in terms of price-fixing and gouging-he ought to get them off and have them working seven days a week, 24/7, to make […]

Oil Price Over Time in Real Terms

We have been hearing about record oil prices. We all know how the press tends to ignore the nominal to real distinction so I decided to check out the excellent graphs from WRTG Economics. Their graph of real oil prices from 1947 to 2004 express oil prices in term of 2004$. For a brief period […]

Should the Federal Reserve Monitor the Capacity Utilization Rate?

John Tamny observes that the capacity utilization rate has reached 81.3% and wonders why the FED is raising interest rates. Mark Thoma reads Tamny’s argument that we should only worry about world aggregate demand as compared to world supply and says: This is wrong. OK, that statement was actually in response to the tired old […]


King Gyanendra of Nepal is promising to restore power to the people, while KLo is under the illusion that George Bush has ousted another long standing tyrant: If I were Tony Snow, I’d totally give Bush credit for the freedom’s advance in Kathmandu. Maybe KLo should learn more about the history of Nepal: The declaration […]

Inflation Rampant?

We had a couple of data releases this week telling us something about inflation. Today’s release was the CPI data for March, which comes on the heels of yesterday’s PPI data release. Today’s news release showed surprisingly high inflation in non-energy consumer items. For some, this has raised alarm bells: WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) — U.S. core […]

The Yuan and the Hume Specie Flow Model

John Tamny wants to remind Lawrence Lindsey about the Hume Specie Flow Model: To begin, just as Chinese authorities fix the yuan’s value, so too do U.S. authorities fix the dollar’s value. As the Journal’s George Melloan noted in a recent editorial, “no currency actually ‘floats.’” As opposed to commodities set by market forces, currencies […]

$70 Oil

The spot price for Cushing, OK WTI just hit $70 per barrel. Edit: Spot prices were briefly above $70 last year due to Hurricane Katrina. Click on graph for larger image. Dr. Nouriel Roubini suggests that $70 oil may have a significant impact on the US economy: ” … if oil prices were to drift […]

Expenditure-Switching and Inflation – The National Review v. The New Economist

Thomas Nugent coins a new term – Graham-Schumer-push inflation only after he tells us that the labor market is wonderful: Heretofore, the gloom-and-doom crowd fixated on the slow creation of jobs during this economic cycle and on the idea that outsourcing and illegal immigration were combining to steal American jobs. But at the current unemployment […]

I Thought Slower Population Growth was a Good Thing

On March 31, David Altig discussed this paper by Stephanie Aaronson, Bruce Fallick, Andrew Figura, Jonathan Pingle and William Wascher: On balance, the results suggest that most of the decline in the participation rate during and immediately following the 2001 recession was a response to business cycle developments. However, the continued decline in participation in […]