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Oil Prices 7-year High, Natural Gas 14-Year High, Natural Gas Supply Sees Largest Draw

Oil prices hit 7 year high, natural gas hits 14 year high on largest one day price jump on record; natural gas supplies see largest draw this winter, Focus on Fracking, RJS Oil prices rose for a sixth straight week and eclipsed the 7 year high hit last week on heightened tension over Ukraine, tight […]

Texas freeze; oil refining and distillate exports drop most since Harvey . . .

Commenter R.J.S.: Record drops in US oil output, US oil exports, distillates’ output on Texas freeze as US burns 15% of natural gas inventories in one week . . US oil data from the US Energy Information Administration for the week ending February 19th indicated that because the big drops in our oil exports and our oil refining associated […]

Budget buzz

Reader rjs has a link filled write up on the budget proposals coming out last week with a note on the economic thoughts on the matter: There was quite a bit of unwarranted buzz around the blogosphere about a number of budget plans that were introduced early this week, all of which were likely an […]

Updates on atmospheric methane and volume measurements of Arctic sea ice

Here is a link filled update on the rise of atmospheric methane and a decrease in volume of Arctic sea ice from reader rjs. Today we’d like to make note of an interesting development in the arctic during January. Below we have 3 images of methane concentrations above the Arctic Ocean from 3 ten day […]

Guest Post: "RJS Analysis – Japanese Disaster Impact"

RJS had been a long-time commenter at my blog, News N Economics, and has joined Angry Bear’s thread of comments. RJS runs his own blog, Global Glass Onion, where he publishes a weekly newsletter encompassing news from around the world for his readership. Collaborating with Dan, we asked RJS to make a similar contribution to […]