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March CPI: Should We Be Worried?

by Dean Baker Center for Economic and Policy Research The inflation hawks took March’s CPI as cause for celebration, inflation may not be dead yet. There is no doubt that it was a disappointing report for those hoping we could put the pandemic inflation behind us. However, there still is not much basis for thinking […]

Other Taxes on the Rich for Social Security? The Wrong Approach

I touched on a commentary at another site where the commentary was about healthcare. The sites author was advocating for the increase of the Social Security cap only on high income earners. There is a ground swell for taxing the rich more, which is acceptable to most. When we look at this closely, there is […]

Trump’s VA Plans Look Too Much Like Biden’s VA Reality

Since I use the VA, I find this message by Suzanne and Steve to be discerning. I had thought with the changes in leadership, the VA would begin to act like a VA and take back all of the programs which were being out sourced to external expensive healthcare. Study after study has shown, VA […]

Joe Biden’s roll out of a new student loan forgiveness plan

The Biden administration will soon roll out a new student loan forgiveness proposal that could impact millions of Americans. For years, Joe Biden has been against Student Loan forgiveness. Now he is seeking forgiveness for making student loans totally unforgiveable. The proposed student loan program is smaller in scope than President Joe Biden’s first education debt relief plan which the Supreme Court ultimately […]

Commercial Health Insurance Practices Delay Care and Increase Costs

Brief recital of the costs and efforts of hospitals getting reimbursed by commercial healthcare insurance. It appears to be worsening. And the efforts to collect are costly. A Survey of Healthcare Insurance Practices Survey Methodology – 304 respondents, representing 772 hospitals, completed the survey. Not every respondent answered each question. All respondents are members of […]

Michigan Activist John Sinclair Dies at 82

by Christina Clark Iconic Detroit writer and activist John Sinclair died on Tuesday morning at the age of 82 after spending two weeks at DMC Detroit Receiving Hospital for declining health. His cause of death was congestive heart failure, his publicist told the Detroit News.  An advocate for his art, Sinclair served as the manager for […]

The Results of Bad Evolution

Happy Easter, or happy whatever way you celebrate the coming of spring. Yesterday the good Christian Tim Walberg, who has ineffectually represented a chunk of southern Michigan in Congress since 2010, apparently called for us to use nuclear weapons in Gaza to “get it over quick.” He was, of course, once a Bible salesman. Jack […]