Southern Border or Ukraine Issues?

I believe the decision has already be made. The US is in for both issues be it the Southern Border or Ukraine..

This is something I played with in February 2024. It was long then and it is not shorter today. I did add two graphs which help make my point. The US and Mexican borders are not open. And with the aid of Mexico, the border crossing have become more difficult.

Keep in mind one other factor. The Fertility Rate is about 1.62. To maintain a stable population of replacement, a rate of 2.1 should be a goal. Otherwise, the US may find itself in a bad predicament as other countries when it comes to Labor. Not replacing people as can impact the population of Labor.

Thom Hartmann poses the question of which issue should be resolved.


“Should Democrats Trade the Southern Border for Ukraine?” Daily Take, Radio Personality Thom Hartmann, December 2023

If the GOP’s price for aid for Ukraine and Israel is to stop the flow of immigrants into this country for year or so, I say pay the ransom…

It may be time for Democrats to engage in some good-old-fashioned backroom dealmaking. If they do it right, they can strip Republicans of one of their most potent electoral issues while setting the stage for true reform of what has become a true American crisis.

Russian President Putin pushes Donald Trump to sabotage US aid to Ukraine. Trump passes the word along to Republicans that anybody who doesn’t go along with him will face a primary challenger.

Trump just doubled down on it one weekend in New Hampshire, praising Putin up one side and down the other while quoting Orbán and Hitler. Immigration by nonwhite people “poisons the blood” of a nation. Republicans plans?

In an attempt to appease Trump and Putin, Republicans in the Senate claim they’re putting together a “security” deal to send foreign and military aid to Ukraine and Israel while also “securing” our southern border from immigrants and asylum seekers.

Democrats first dismissed the proposed “deal” as bad-faith bargaining, pointing out the Republicans were demanding “poison pill” radical changes to our asylum and immigration policies and border security without being willing to engage in any sort of discussion about actual reform of our broken systems.

And broken they are. The last successful attempt at comprehensive immigration reform, The Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA or Simpson–Mazzoli), happened in 1986.  Ever since then, Republicans have opposed or obstructed every good-faith effort by Democrats to come up with a bipartisan solution to the crisis on our southern border. And, yes, it is a crisis.

Republicans don’t want a solution because having a border crisis involving brown-skinned people works out really well for them, as it has for rightwing governments all across the world.

Before I go on, I just finished this redo of a post on immigration into the US, who makes it, and who is rejected. What the Republican mouth pieces are quoting is not true. My post and the graphs depict quite the opposite of what Republicans claim to be an open border. For example Border enforcement . . .

US Immigration: How many people are coming to the US and where are they coming from?​ Angry Bear, by USA Facts graph.

And illegal immigrant enforcement . . .

US Immigration: How many people are coming to the US and where are they coming from?​ Angry Bear, by USA Facts graph.

In the past such rhetoric worked with the masses and it is working in the US. The borders are not as open as the Republicans are claiming (see their comments below). But does a false rhetoric give the impression there are larger than realities issues at the border? It appears so as many people believe the Republican noise on immigration.


Viktor Orbán rose to power as Hungary’s “soft fascism” dictator by pointing to the brown-skinned Syrian refugees who were fleeing Putin’s bombing of that country. He was promising to “build a wall” along Hungary’s southern border to keep them out; it’s a promise he has kept.

Across the rest of Europe, rightwing parties are doing as Trump and Orbán did and pointing to brown-skinned immigrants as the largest and most immediate threat to the “blood and soil” of their nations. They include the neofascist Brothers of Italy (which now runs that country) and the Lega party, the Swiss People’s Party  (Switzerland’s largest), the Finns Party in Finland, the National Rally (formerly the National Front) in the Netherlands, Alternative for Deutschland (AfD) in Germany, the United Kingdom Independence Party in the UK, and the Freedom Party in Austria.

In an apparent homage to Ron DeSantis’ shipping asylum-seekers to Martha’s Vineyard and New York, Russian President Putin has been sending brown-skinned immigrants to the Finnish border in such numbers that the Finns have been forced to close all the border crossings they share with Russia (an 832-mile-long stretch).

Russia is apparently now playing the role of human traffickers, helping these refugees from Kenya, Morocco, Pakistan, Somalia, Syria and Yemen find unmonitored places along the border where they can sneak across, correctly believing that a flood of refugees will politically upset Finland and help out the pro-Putin rightwing parties there.

On this side of the Atlantic, the issue of the browning of America has been panicking white supremacists since the Reagan administration, when the change to our immigration laws in 1965 with the Hart-Cellar Act — which ended racial immigration quotas going back to 1921 that were designed to keep America white — was becoming obvious. The issue to many?

In 1960, 84 percent of all immigrants to the US were white, as the 1921 law required. By 2017, only 13.2 percent of immigrants were white. 

Should it then surprise anybody that the white supremacists making up the base of the GOP are flipping out about immigration? Or that Republican politicians would know this and hammer it at every opportunity, while refusing to participate in any real solutions because the “border crisis” works to their political advantage? The Republican advertised political impact . . .

This is, after all, foundational to the “great replacement theory” Trump, Alex Jones, David Duke, and multiple Republican politicians have been endorsing ever since “very fine people” were chanting “Jews will not replace us [with Black or Hispanic people]” in Charlottesville.

Republican rhetoric on the issue has become is so predictable in the past, Richard Haas, normally a reasonable voice on foreign policy issues, had to be corrected on Fareed Zakaria’s GPS show when he said Democrats favor an “open border policy.”

Indeed, it is Libertarians who believe all countries should have open borders, or that more immigrants coming to America is a good thing because it increases the supply of low-wage labor. Labor, businesses so love. For example, Rand Paul has sponsored legislation increasing immigration to the US.

But that hasn’t stopped Republicans from inviting as many people as possible to come to America, by proclaiming

the US border is “wide open”

because of Democratic Party policies. Or, so they say.

While no elected Democrat I can find has ever called for “open borders,” Republicans keep saying Democrats are for open borders, Democrats have gotten their way, and the southern border is now wide open.

Thus, it is true two factors have driven a lot of migration over the past few decades (climate change wiping out farmland, and political dysfunction and gangs caused by the Reagan administration illegally devastating the governments of El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala). The main driver of would-be immigrants and refugees today is the Republican Parties propaganda itself.

Lacking any actual, substantive economic issues to run on, the GOP has decided to fall back on a familiar ploy. Scare white people that the brown people are coming for them and/or their jobs. Back in the 1950s and 1960s, I remember well how the GOP’s pitch to white people was Black people wanted “our” jobs. Now it’s brown people from south of the border.

Trump did this in the most crude, vulgar, and racist way possible from his first entrance into the Republican primary through the end of his presidency and to this day. It frightened enough white voters, it got him into office once. The GOP is hoping they can repeat that trick in 2024.

In doing so, they’re playing with fire. Their lies about American policies are causing refugees to put their lives and their families in danger.

The truth is that Joe Biden never “opened” our southern border. “Open borders” have never been his policy or the Democratic Party’s policy or, indeed, the policy of any elected Democrat or Democratic strategist in post-1921 American history. And the above graphs provide evidence of border restrictions.

Everybody understands and agrees that for a country to function it must regulate immigration, and its borders must have a reasonable level of integrity. Everybody. But you’d never know that from watching Fox “News” or listening to rightwing podcasts or hate radio whenever there is a Democrat in the White House.

Republicans are playing a very dangerous game here. By loudly proclaiming “their” lie that Biden has “opened” the southern border and is “welcoming” immigrants and refugees “with open arms.” They are creating the very problem they’re pointing to.

Just google “open border” and “congressman,” “congresswoman,” or “senator” and you’ll get a list of Republican politicians too long to print. These are the quotes that coyotes — human smugglers — print out and distribute to desperate people in Central and South America as advertisements to get people to trade their lives’ savings for transportation to the Rio Grande.

At the top of the list claiming open borders, you’ll find the Republican demagogues:

— Ted Cruz wants everybody south of our border to know that the “Biden Open Border Policy [is] A Very Craven Political Decision”;
— Rick Scott wants everybody to know that “Americans Don’t Want [Biden’s] Open Borders”;
— Marco Rubio says there’s “Nothing Compassionate About Biden’s Open Border Policies”;
— Rand Paul is so extreme he tells us Senator Rubio “is the one for an open border”;
— Josh Hawley says “Biden’s Open Border Policy Has Created a Moral Crisis”;
— Tom Cotton “Insists the Border is Wide Open”;
— Ron Johnson wants the world to know that “Our National Security is at Risk Because Democrats have Turned Border Security into a Partisan Issue”;
— Marjorie Taylor Greene “BLASTS Open Border Hypocrites”;
— Mo Brooks opposes “Socialist Democrats’ Open Border Policies for Helping Kill Americans”;
— Lauren Boebert says the “Root Cause” of the open border crisis “is in the White House”;
— Matt Gaetz “revealed a complex and deceitful agenda by Joe Biden’s Democrat administration to evade our Southern Border law enforcement”;
— Gym Jordan says “Biden’s Deliberate Support of Illegal Immigration Could Lead to Impeachment”;
— Kevin McCarthy says the Biden Administration has “Utterly Failed” to secure the “open border”;
— Elise Stefanik proclaims “Biden’s Open Border Policies have been a Complete Disaster.”
— Tom Cole’s website features “Biden’s Open Border America”;  
— Bob Goode brags about introducing legislation named the “Close Biden’s Open Border Act”;
— John Rose “Calls Out Biden’s Open Border Policies”;
— Paul Gosar claims Biden is “Destroying America with His Open Border Policies”;
— Roger Williams complains about the “Democrats’ Open Border Problem”;
— Tom Cole wants the world to know that Biden’s “open border policies have given the green light to migrants and bad actors from around the world…”;
— Gus Bilirakis “Denounces Dangerous Open Border Policies on the House Floor”;

“Should Democrats Trade the Southern Border for Ukraine?” February 2024, Angry Bear

No trade. Democrats should be answering Republicans and trump with the truth about borders. It is apparent.