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What would adjusting the Household jobs Survey for immigration driven population growth do?

 – by New Deal democrat This is a continuation of my post from yesterday discussing the large divergences between the Household and Establishment jobs surveys. A big current issue with the Household Survey is whether, by relying on Census estimates, it has substantially underestimated population growth, and in particular immigration-driven growth, in the past two […]

US Population Growth

In 2006, Joel Garreau (Smithsonian) wrote: “The United States’ population is growing at the rate of almost 1 percent per year, thanks in part to immigration and its secondary effects. Not only does the United States accept more legal immigrants as permanent residents than the rest of the world combined, but these recent arrivals tend […]

Homicides Over Time, Plus a Question About Drugs

I was looking for information on drug related murders and inadvertently stumbled on this old Bureau of Justice of Statistics report. There’s a lot of interesting information in it. One fascinating table is this: For context, here is the population breakdown over a period that includes the timespan in the table. I’m not sure this […]