Driving, Noise, and HOAs In and Around Phoenix Arizona

The Arizona population of drivers can be particularly strange at times. Getting on the roadways around here is like attempting to drive the length of US 30 drag strip. As I told the city council, speed limits, stop signs, and stop lights are mere suggestions.

If you are in a hurry, just fly by them.

The Left Lane Enforcer county sheriff made a film clip of himself lecturing a driver on being in the left lane for too long on the main drag in and out of the town. All decked out in a flak jacket, clips of ammo, etc. I gave that stuff up when I left the Corps. Quite the outfit to impress the citizen driver.

Where is the war sir? And I am not it.

There are more crosses on this road than I have seen in other states. Excessive speed, tailgating, weaving in and out of traffic, impatience to get to where you want to be by a few minutes less is what lawmakers are concerned with or so it seems.

Slow down, you move too fast. Gotta make your life last . . .

The road is packed during rush hours and traveled heavily other times. The counties and state are going to add another lane each way which will be great for a year or two till population growth again outstrips capacity. There is also a need for another access out of town, which is probably being thought of, and as this newcomer has pointed out to them where it might occur.

I guess not enough time in grade allows my opinion. One common retort is

“the Indians own the land.”

Is there no public transportation available in and out of town? A bus or two makes it out at particular hours. A commuter train in and out would be kind of kool. Some political influences are quietly blocking it.

Better public transportation is a solution to building more highways.

Did I talk about noise pollution yet? Besides adjusting out the gadgets on cars, pickups, diesels, trucks, etc. meant to prevent pollution, Arizonians love to be loud, blow smoke, and smell. Every other vehicle has a loud muffler. Resurrect the US30 comment from above. Look at me, notice me please . . .

Didn’t your mother pay enough attention to you as you grew up?

Up the price of gasoline please. I easily get 35-40 mpg in my Passat at five miles over the limit on the highway. If you turn any corner, you are bound to see a Dodge Challenger or Charger besides a jacked-up pickup.

The vehicles of choice in AZ.

Sorry, I like silence. I do not want to attract attention. I like being left alone and just going about doing my business. Yet, they all whine about the price of fuel as they destroy the efficiency of their vehicles and race around at 10, 15, and 20 MPH over the limit.

Don’t buy cars from AZ. They look nice but are probably beat up mechanically.

Did I talk about HOAs, Declarants, Builders, etc? Nope. A common retort from city planners is, “Talk to your “Home Owner Associations (alias HOAs).” They are supposed to be able to do something for the homeowners in a development, Except and in the beginning, they are run by management groups like CCMC and hired by a Declarant who is also a builder or developer.

There is a pile of crumpled up requests around the trash can in the corner. Lousy shots they are . . .

For a number of years, there have been issues with the much-advertised lakes (really interconnected ponds) which are filled with recycled water. The aeration system was not working properly which led to fish die off, midge flies, smell, algae, etc. No builder-sales-person ever mentioned the issues before buying, with the bodies of water called lakes. I do not live on those bodies of water which look so nice from the pictures.

How would you know? Don’t go near the water.

Several years ago, the Meritage builder bailed as a Declarant. In the last year, the Declarant Harvard Ventures left the development citing Article 1:14 of the CCRs.

Article 1.14 is basically a get out of jail card and you can’t touch me.

We play the game of abiding and staying out of sight. Slowly gathering the data to build a foundation to “maybe” do something. Meanwhile, telling people how to approach the HOA is like teaching the alphabet. They really do not want to do anything but complain.

Oh, the 4th letter in the alphabet is a “D.”