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The Shrinking Future of Colleges, Especially the Small Ones

Interesting dilemma for higher education. I had heard that some colleges were having issues attracting students to their campuses. The high tuition and a lack of funding in the form of scholarships, grants, awards, etc. have been an issue when they do not keep up with the costs of colleges. Another issue has crept up […]

Pushing Train Crews and Other Railroad Workers to the Brink

What caught my attention to the potential train strike was it not being clear as to why. No one source was explaining why train crews and other crafts were angry at the railroad companies. Doing some reading I came away with a better understanding. Aaron Gordon at Vice does an excellent depiction of the issues. […]

Another Sizable Oil Spill

“December 11, 2022, Letters from an American,” Prof. Heather Cox Richardson The Keystone Pipeline ruptured Wednesday night near a creek in northern Kansas, spilling what its operator, TC Energy, says is about 14,000 barrels of oil. This is equivalent to about 588,000 gallons (an Olympic swimming pool holds about 666,000 gallons). TC Energy says the […]

Letters from an American, December 7, 2022

More security documents were found in trump’s possession by a trump discovery team. Maybe his mind is so fried, he is forgetting? Doubtful. trump’s lawyers insist trump still has presidential immunity even though out-of-office. A new crook emerges in Jared Kushner enlisting the aid of foreign interests to pressure another foreign country for donations to […]

33 Months Of COVID In One Image: One More Look At The Red/Blue Death Rate Divide

“33 Months of COVID in one image: One more look at the Red/Blue Death Rate Divide,” ACA Signups, Charles Gaba. Charles lives in Michigan, one county over from where I lived. While my County head Democrat was touting me for a great knowledge on healthcare to Slotkin, I was pushing Charles. He knew more about […]

Pharma Gross-to-Net Bubble Exceeds $200 Billion in 2021 (a relationship)

This article by Dr. Adam Fein is drawn from the Drug Channels Institute. I can not say any of my knowledge is found in the detail of this recital. To summarize a bit as you read the detail, increases in rebates are associated with increases in list prices.  Insurance coverage, the sale of drugs to […]

What News Was in My In-Box, Dec. 7, 2022

Assorted topics this time. Consumerism was actually the first topic on the list of links in my In-Box. I am interested in seeing how the US negotiates with the Taiwanese on a new plant and what the US will do with Supply Chains. It is not as simple as what many people think. You should […]