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Mark Cuban’s Cost Plus Drugs Plan

Mission of Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drugs The following is Mark Cuban’s pitch on supply drugs. If you do not have healthcare insurance which pays for drugs you more than likely going to pay list unless you have a drug store discount such as GoodRx. Mark Cuban talking pharmaceuticals and costs: We started Mark Cuban […]

Jamie Dimon wants to help poor people by . . .

Jamie Dimon says lower-income people need more help and he’d ‘pay for it by taxing the wealthy a little bit more’ Fortune Taxing the Rich? If he really wants to help the poor? Allow the tax breaks for individuals in the upper 20% sunset. reverse the tax breaks, and tax income from foreign enterprises. A […]

Trumps Poor Showing in New Hampshire and Iowa

Trump’s poor showing in New Hampshire, Robert Reich. Friends, As I noted earlier today, the mainstream media is falling over itself in seeming awe of Trump’s “powerful” campaign. The truth is just the opposite. Last week, he won fewer than 7 percent of registered voters in Iowa. Trump’s success in last week’s Iowa caucuses wasn’t […]

Texas’s Crimes Against Humanity Causes the Deaths of Three at the Border

January 17, 2023, Letters from an American, Prof, Heather Cox Richardson Texas attorney general Ken Paxton responded this evening to the federal government’s demand that state troops give U.S. Border Patrol agents access to Shelby Park in Eagle Pass, Texas, the site where three migrants died last week as they tried to cross the Rio […]

high corporate profits are/were a (main) driver of ongoing inflation

It appears like someone is waking up to a reality. When they can, corporations will take advantage of an economic event to increase margins resulting in increasing profits. They will call up and say they are increasing prices, take it or leave it. When your customer is one of the big three, you take it. […]

Why is Boeing such a shitty corporation?

 A key factor in many manufacturing companies is the outsourcing of the manufacturing of components which the parent company has become expert in creating, manufacturing, and quality control of components. Unless a company’s employee is to be on site, it is difficult to ensure the quality of manufacture. The outsourced company does not have the […]